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Diversity Initiatives

Pushing diversity forward

At STATION F, diversity has been part of our DNA from day one. We believe the best innovations come from diverse teams and diverse ways of thinking - and we are proud to support entrepreneurs who come from anywhere and everywhere.

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Fighters Program

The Fighters Program is designed for entrepreneurs from underprivileged backgrounds, who may have struggled or not had access to the same resources as the rest. Selected teams receive free access for one year. The program currently hosts up to 30 teams per year. Want to apply? No fancy diplomas allowed.

Fighters Program

Female Founders Fellowship

The Female Founders Fellowship is a program to accelerate success for exemplary female founders at STATION F. Each year, we select 15-20 high potential female-founded startups to participate in a 6-month program with the objective to empower their founders.

Female Founders Fellowship

International community on campus

At STATION F, we believe everyone should think global. We are proud that our community is 1/3 international with over 600 people who do not speak French. We support our international communities in a number of ways, including via the French Tech International Community.

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In English "et en Français"

You don't need to speak French to work at Station F. Everything we do at Station F is available in English as well as French in order to cater to our international population.

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