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STATION F features all the services and resources entrepreneurs need, both online and on-campus - from investors, to perks, to public services and more. We've gathered the very best so that entrepreneurs can focus on what's most important: building their business.

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Startup Programs

STATION F offers 30+ startup programs, each on a specific theme or vertical. This is to ensure that all startups can find a program that suits their needs and business. Programs can be run by a corporation, an educational institution or university or an entrepreneurial organization. All programs have independent selection processes.

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Mentorship Offices

Several select companies have staff on campus in dedicated mentorship offices. Mentorship offices allow startups to quickly ask questions, meet with experts and participate in workshops - with some of the world's leading tech companies.

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Join as an investor

Our community features over 150+ venture capital funds and investors - and continues to grow. It's a great way for investors to get access to dealflow, visibility and more - and also connect with each other.

150+ venture capital funds


Exclusive discounts on more than 150 business & lifestyle services and tools, negotiated by our team.

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French Tech

Experts from 35+ public services available directly on campus to meet with entrepreneurs.

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Female Founders Fellowship

The Female Founders Fellowship is a program to accelerate success for exemplary female founders at STATION F. Each year, we select 15-20 high potential female-founded startups among the ones of the campus to participate in a 6-month program with the objective to empower their founders.


HAL is a central part of the STATION F experience. It is our internal platform that allows entrepreneurs to access all online resources & the campus directory, book meeting rooms, invite guests, add team members and more.

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Affordable housing solution in co-living designed by STATION F, 10-min away from the campus.

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Food & Drinks

Grab a coffee at Anticafé or enjoy delicious pizzas in La Felicità, both open to our entrepreneurs and the public.

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The 2 main dining options on campus are Anticafé and La Felicita - both are open to the public. La Felicita is a giant Italian-themed restaurant open 7/7 and features 5 different kitchens and 2 bars. Anticafé is a coworking-café open from Monday-Friday. Residents can access other food and drink options on campus or via HAL.


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