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STATION F features 30+ startup programs including 2 in-house programs: the Founders Program and the Fighters Program.

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Join our core and most selective in-house program dedicated to early-stage companies. This program provides maximum flexibility and resources (from 3-18 months depending on company performance). The first 3 months are designed to get you up and running. If you are a top performer in your batch, you can unlock additional resources, including funding, top-level advisors and a lot more.

Your journey in the Founders Program 2.0

First 3 months

Be prepared to be on campus as much as possible for the first 3 months. This period is dedicated to getting you acquainted with your peers and resources as much as possible - as well as clarifying your milestones and getting results! Learn as much as you can through the workshops and community - and above all, we want to see you give back. This period will help us identify who is best in class.


Surround yourself with like-minded founders. You’ll go faster, trust us :)


THIS IS KEY. Learn how to define your startup’s objectives - and get results.


Ecosystem karma is real and we want you to learn this early-on. The STATION F network has your back.


The best of the best are often on campus. Learn how to leverage this and build a leading team.


99% startups fail because they never find PMF. Be the other 1%.


Top performers can score a check from STATION F and additional funding support. We have the best network in town.

Resources for top performers

At the end of the first 3 months, you’ll have the chance to show us what you’ve accomplished during an investment committee. If you are one of the top performers in your batch, you can score a check from STATION F, access to top advisors and more. Feeling the stress already? Each startup can get 2 shots at becoming a top performer.

What is a top performer, anyway?

Startups will likely come from different verticals and be at slightly different development stages upon arrival. However, we want to see your work ethic and that you are able to meet the ambitious milestones that you set for yourself.

Keep building on campus

Whether you were selected for the investment committee or not, we offer the possibility to all participants of the Founders Program 2.0 to stay up to 18 months at STATION F. You will have access to all the experts, campus resources, as well as the community. We expect you to continue moving quickly. And if you’re a top performer, you’ll get the best of what we have to offer :)

Work with top Advisors

All participating companies can meet our advisors, however only top performing companies will be able to work with them 1 on 1. Advisors are operators who come from our leading companies on campus (as well as alumni), unicorns and well-known scale-ups. They know about building products that customers want, growing revenue, composing leading teams and more.

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Joining the program

Here are key elements we will look at when applying to Founders Program 2.0.

You're obsessed with building a responsible company

Responsability & diversity are not a “nice to have” - it's a core part of the DNA of tomorrow's leading businesses. Show us that responsability is already part of who you are and what you are building.

You're motivated by (BIG) results

For you, being a founder isn't just a title - it's in your bones. You have a strong work ethic and results to prove it. Right now, you're early-stage, you have an MVP, maybe a few users or revenue but not much more. But in 18 months, your product will be in market and will be creating an outsized impact.

Your company has a real upper hand in impact and trends

What sets you apart from 10 other companies working on exactly the same thing as you? If you have something that gives you an upper hand - an insight, a skill, an experience, a network - we want to know. We want to see that you are working on a game-changing innovation, that you are impact-driven, or ideally both.

How does it work

Program access

  • €249 per access per month for 6 months
  • Then €299 per access for 6 months
  • Then €349 per access for 6 months

Investment committee

  • For selected companies, a financial investment from STATION F
  • Access to leading advisors in our network
  • Additional visibility and intros

Apply to the next batch

This program is for:

  • - Full-time founders with prototype or MVP
  • - Limited users or revenue companies
  • - Responsability obsessed founders
  • - Strong work ethic founders

Selection steps

Applications deadline:

July 7 2024, 11:59PM

Selection results:

August 2024

Join the program:

September 9 2024, 10AM