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Female Founders Fellowship

A program to accelerate success for exemplary female founders at STATION F. Each year, we select 15-20 high potential female-founded startups to participate in a 6-month program with the objective to empower their founders. This program is accessible only to entrepreneurs already in STATION F.

Cohort 2022
Cohort 2021
Cohort 2020
Chari logo
Chari Founders Program Chari is an e-commerce app helping small retailers in the French Speaking Africa procure inventory for their stores and getting delivered for free on the next day.
DFNS logo
DFNS Founders Program Dfns is a security suite for crypto custody.
Flitter logo
Flitter Moove Lab Flitter is a pay-as-you-go car insurance.
Fresh Afrika logo
Fresh Afrika Fighters Program Fresh Afrika builds sustainable, fair, and equitable fruit and vegetable chains in sub-Saharan Africa with traceability from seed to plate (blockchain).
Game Academy logo
Game Academy Ubisoft Game Academy is a platform for soft skills assessment and training in games and virtual worlds.
Intimately logo
Intimately Founders Program Intimately is an e-commerce brand for adaptive intimates.
Kolibri logo
Kolibri 21st by CentraleSupélec Kolibri is a proprietary cell-engineering platform, combining cutting edge techniques in acoustics and biology, for partners in drug discovery and development, allowing for a 20x higher yield while increasing gene therapy quality.
Nomadher logo
Nomadher Founders Program NomadHer is an app for female globetrotters from 175 different nationalities. Nomadher encourages women to travel solo by helping them to find another female traveller companion and step out of their comfort zone. Think of it as a Bumble for female travellers.
Phagos logo
Phagos HEC Using bacteria's natural predator, the bacteriophage, Phagos is able to overcome incurable and deadly infectious diseases. If appropriately channeled, bacteriophages can constitute an efficient and sustainable alternative to antibiotics. But this is just a fraction of their potential.
Scienta Lab logo
Scienta Lab 21st by CentraleSupélec AI-powered solutions for medical research on auto-immune diseases. At Scienta Lab, they are harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence to seize the biggest challenges in immunology today. With cutting-edge datasets, breakthrough capabilities in machine learning, and world-class scientific collaborations, we are building a library of groundbreaking predictive algorithms.
Sifflet logo
Sifflet Founders Program Sifflet is a data observability platform designed to reduce data downtime and optimise data based decision making.
Stooly logo
Stooly HEC Stooly builds innovative furniture made of ultra-resistant cardboard material.
Viewst logo
Viewst Havas Viewst enables a designer and a campaign manager to collaborate in a cloud, scale ad versioning, streamline approvals, and go live faster.
Zephalto logo
Zephalto HEC Zephalto develops a balloon capable of taking passengers to the stratosphere level. Named Céleste, the balloon is eco-friendly, runs on solar energy and can be reused indefinitely.
Shary logo
Shary Founders Program Shary is a platform to invest in fractional shares of Real Estate starting with 5€ and in 2 minutes. The team combines its institutional experience with innovative technologies to empower investors through direct access, greater transparency, lower fees and greater flexibility.


Profile picture of Agnes Bazin
Agnes Bazin Doctolib
Profile picture of Cayetena Hurtado
Cayetena Hurtado Balderton
Profile picture of Clara Chappaz
Clara Chappaz Vestiaire Collective
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STATION F selects fifteen female-founded companies to join its Female Founders Fellowship, a six-month program to empower women entrepreneurs and accelerate their success.


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