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Female Founders Fellowship

A program to accelerate success for exemplary female founders at STATION F. Each year, we select 15-20 high potential female-founded startups to participate in a 6-month program with the objective to empower their founders. This program is accessible only to entrepreneurs already in STATION F.

Cohort 2023
Cohort 2022
Cohort 2021
aHRtemis logo
aHRtemis CentraleSupélec 21st aHRtemis is a CRM for HR and recruiting teams. We help recruiters unleash the potential of the communities of talents they have identified (linkedin, ATS, alumni).
billiv logo
billiv Cegid billiv is an eco-friendly solution to digitalize receipts via QR code, with no registration or download required. We centralize Google reviews, the loyalty program and communication through a fully customizable receipt.
Broke and Abroad logo
Broke and Abroad Fighters Program Broke and Abroad is the e-tourim platform of a new generation of travellers.
Crew3 logo
Crew3 Ecole 42 We are helping web3 companies to analyze, engage, and scale their community by building the most powerful community engagement platform
IMPACT+ logo
IMPACT+ L'Oréal IMPACT+ is a sustaintech solution enabling digital advertising players (brands, agencies, adtechs and adnetworks) to evaluate and reduce their environmental impact.
m-work logo
m-work Cegid m-work organizes flexible work by empowering teams to synchronize when coming to the office or working remotely, so people meet the right person at the right time and place.
Nelson logo
Nelson HEC, MooveLab Nelson is a SaaS-based simulation software that supports companies in the electrification of their car fleet through a fine analysis of their data and the electric mobility ecosystem data.
Neptune Elements logo
Neptune Elements Graduate Neptune Elements is the French seaweed brand that democratises seaweed on our plates and develops the entire seaweed industry in France and Europe.
Nissé logo
Nissé Fighters Program Nissé is a luxurury lingerie brand pioneering the use of innovative and sustainable materials to serve women well-being, with a first collection made with fibre obtained from castor oil.
Omena logo
Omena FemTech Program Omena is a startup that helps women go through menopause.
Optimiz Construction logo
Optimiz Construction Ponts & Chaussées Optimiz Construction optimizes resources on construction site to save time, money and CO2.
PALM logo
PALM 212 Founders PALM is a SaaS Talent Growth platform that helps clients to solve one of their major challenges : Retaining their talents by reinventing people and careers management.
Pazapa logo
Pazapa Founders Program Pazapa is a rent-to-own solution which enables those who aren't able to secure a mortgage just yet, to buy their home gradually while living in it from day 1.
PimpUp logo
PimpUp Founders Program PimpUp is an anti-waste solution to help French farmers sell their products that are refused by the classic distribution channels for aesthetic reasons.
Quack AI logo
Quack AI Entrepreneur First Meet Quack AI, an early stage start-up building your dream code reviewer. We use deep learning to build on-demand, automated reviews which are adapted to your style and needs.
Qweeko logo
Qweeko EDHEC At Qweeko, we have developed a solution that helps manufacturers of electronic and electrical good (EEE) to evaluate the environmental impact of their whole catalogue.
The Serious Gut logo
The Serious Gut FemTech Program The Serious Gut is on a mission to improve digestive and anxious troubles thanks to personalised probiotics and microbiome science.


Profile picture of Agnes Bazin
Agnes Bazin Doctolib
Profile picture of Cayetena Hurtado
Cayetena Hurtado Balderton
Profile picture of Clara Chappaz
Clara Chappaz Vestiaire Collective
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STATION F selects fifteen female-founded companies to join its Female Founders Fellowship, a six-month program to empower women entrepreneurs and accelerate their success.


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