Startup Tips with Ida Tin, Co-Founder & CEO of Clue

"It’s a privilege to have a vision and be able to work on manifesting it together with a group of amazing people every day."

Ida Tin is the co-founder and CEO of Clue, the world’s leading science-based female health and period tracking app. She is known for having coined the term “FemTech” to designate products that have been specifically thought and designed for women’s biological needs.

FemTech has come a long way since Ida first used the term in 2016. In fact, the FemTech market is estimated to be worth $50bn by 2025 and Ida is leading the charge in this sector with Clue, which counts over 2.5 million users from 180 different countries today.

Ida is a visionary and, at STATION F, we consider ourselves very lucky to have her as a member of our Selection Board, a group of top-tier entrepreneurs that are not only mentors to our community but that also help us review video applications and pick the best startups to join. We ask Ida to share some of her best startup and application tips.


How do you introduce yourself to someone who doesn’t know you?

As Co-founder and CEO of Clue, a female health app; Danish immigrant in Berlin and mother of two.

What have you learned from your experience as an entrepreneur?

It’s a privilege to have a vision and be able to work on manifesting it together with a group of amazing people every day. It is also incredibly challenging on all levels. As the organisation grows and evolves, so must I, as its leader. That is a gift, but also scary at times and demanding.

What are the key things that you look for when someone pitches you an idea?

Is the product or service solving a big and important problem, and will the world be a better place with its existence? Do the founders care deeply about the problem, and are they open to learning? Lastly, can they also be team players?

In choosing a co-founder to start a business, what matters most?

The same as above! In addition, it’s helpful to find someone who shares the key values and vision, but whom also has totally different skills, energies and perspectives. Build diversity in from the start! It provides higher intelligence and more needed resistance.

What is your top piece of advice for entrepreneurs starting out? 

To simply start! One is never quite ready to start, but one must just jump in.

Interview by

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