Sequoia in Europe with Luciana Lixandru, First Partner in Europe

Sequoia Capital has landed in Europe.

Last September, Silicon Valley’s premier venture capital firm Sequoia Capital set up shop in London with Luciana Lixandru at its head. With COVID aside, why make this move in 2020? Sequoia has previously invested in European companies like UiPath, Unity, and Klarna — why the need for a physical base? In this episode, we dive into all these questions with Luciana; learn more about how Sequoia finds, screens, and supports portfolio companies; talk about its scout program; and a lot more!

At Sequoia, Luciana focuses on enterprise and consumer technology companies across Europe. She is passionate about helping founders at all stages unlock their potential and think on a global scale. Prior to becoming Sequoia’s first partner in Europe, Luciana (#12 on Forbes’ Midas List Europe) worked at Accel for eight years, where she led investments in UiPath, Deliveroo, Hopin, Framer, Miro, and Tessian.

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Produced by

Cindy Yang
[email protected]

Moderated by

Gwen Salley