HD Rain raises 1M€ to deploy its weather forecast device in South of France

Part of the Founders Program and HEC Programs at STATION F, HD Rain has already conducted tests in three different countries.

Reinvent the weather forecast, this is HD Rain’s leitmotif. According to the three co-founders of the company, Ruben Hallali, Duminda Ratnayake and François Mercier, intensification of extreme climate events and the lack of micro-meteorological data is a risk for the environment and humans. That’s why they created a device able to anticipate rain falls up to two hours in advance in 2018. 


“Alert levels in France -vigilance green, orange and red- aren’t enough and often don’t even exist in developing countries. Many professions have a weather-sensitive activity so there are strong expectations for an innovative and affordable solution offering a high data accuracy. (…) The reliability of our data has been confirmed by a study conducted in partnership with the Observatory Systems department of Météo-France”, assured Ruben Hallali.

After testing its product in France, Ivory Coast and Brasil, HD Rain is taking a new step by raising 1M€ with Newfund, Kima Ventures and ResiliAnce. This will allow HD Rain to deploy 1.000+ sensors in South of France, around the Mediterranean arch. The collected data will be intended for economical actors -such as insurances, farmers, construction industry- and local authorities.