YC on Going Remote with Geoff Ralston, President of Y Combinator

Y Combinator is the world's leading accelerator, famous for helping launch companies like Airbnb, Dropbox, Stripe, and Reddit.

Last April, Y Combinator announced that it would be going virtual for its S20 batch. One batch later, we interview YC President Geoff Ralston to learn about the difference that going remote has made. It turns out that there have been more pros than cons: YC partners were able to work with companies in over 15 time zones, complete 50% more individual and group office hours than in previous batches, and chat with all of the teams in realtime over Slack. The S20 Virtual Demo Day was also incredibly successful and outperformed many in-person Demo Days from years past — with over 28,000 introductions made between investors and founders.

In this episode, we also dive into tech trends that have been accelerated by COVID-19, discover up-and-coming startups to keep on our radar, learn about the evolution of YC over the last 16 years, think about the Bay Area exodus, and discuss what a Biden presidency means for tech.

Note: This episode was recorded one week before the US Inauguration Day.

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Produced by

Cindy Yang
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Hosted by

Roxanne Varza