These 11 Startups are Still Hiring amid COVID-19

Confirmed: Hiring during COVID-19.

Employees laid off, job offers rescinded, and hires frozen. COVID-19 has undeniably taken a toll on the workforce. The job market might seem bleak at the moment for an increasing number of seekers but, with that said, some companies are still growing quickly and hiring. Meet 11 STATION F startups below that are on the hunt for talent at all levels (from intern to C-level) in all departments.

This is a living list that we will keep updating. If you have job opportunities to share, please reach out to: [email protected] 

It is also possible that you are more interested in working for a startup campus rather than one of its startups, in which case you’ll be pleased to learn that we are also hiring in the STATION F team! Check out our openings here. Now, without further ado, the startups:


ViiBE Communications

Zendesk Program / B2B SaaS

ViiBE is a remote video-assistance software that can be used across all devices without any additional app download. Note the keywords “remote video” and “software” and correlate them with what you’ve read online about Zoom’s stock shooting up… I would drop everything that I’m doing and send in my application to ViiBE ASAP if I were you.

Hiring: Influence and Content Project Management Intern, Customer Success Intern, Sales Development Intern, Sales Development Representative, Account Executive, Key Account Manager, Senior Customer Success Manager.



Graduate Program / B2B SaaS • FinTech • Venture Capital

Kushim builds software for Venture Capital and Private Equity investors. Founded by a team of designers and developers that come from the VC industry, Kushim combines design and technology with industry expertise to build beautiful, user-centric tools that are today used by leading investors across 20 countries including FJ Labs, Futureshape, H&M Ventures, and Antler.

Hiring: UX/UI Designer – Mobile, Chief Marketing Officer, Content Manager, Sales Development Representative.



Founders Program / B2B SaaS • IT

CloudSkiff is an Infrastructure-as-Code platform for Terraform that manages the growing complexity of cloud automations.

Hiring: Senior Software Engineer, Backend Software Developer, Customer Success Engineer.



SchooLab Program / B2C App • Travel • Female Empowerment

NomadHer builds an application for female globetrotters to encourage safe solo travelling. The NomadHer team is a group of true free spirits that travel to bring inspiration to the product.

Hiring: UI/UX Designer, Marketing Development Intern.



Founders Program / B2B SaaS • Food & Hospitality

Foodetective is an all-in-one operating system for F&B businesses (bars, restaurants, caterers). The tool is able to help those restaurateurs manage all client interactions.

Hiring: Sales Manager



LVMH Program / B2B SaaS FashionTech • E-Commerce & Retail

Fitle builds a size recommendation tool for e-shops. Thanks to Fitle, brands are able to provide more accurate size recommendations on their online stores and decrease their return rate. Fitle customers include Maison Kitsuné, Volcom, Bellerose,, and more.

Hiring: Fullstack Developer, Account Executive, Business Developer, CEO Right-Hand, CSO Right-Hand, Customer Success Manager.


Ubisoft Program/ SportsTech • AR is a startup working in the field of augmented reality for the sports industry. They work with the latest AR glasses and toolkits and create augmented reality solutions to enrich the fan experience during sports events.

Hiring: iOS – ARKit Developer, Backend Developer, UX/UI Designer – Augmented Reality, Data Scientist, UX/UI Designer – Augmented Reality, Project Manager – Augmented Reality



ADN_xIFM Program / B2B SaaS IT

Outmind is an intelligent search engine that finds relevant documents & people among companies’ tools.

Hiring: Business Developer, Data & Software Engineer.



ICM Program / EdTech • AR & VR

Uptale is an EdTech startup specialized in “Immersive Learning”. They provide enterprises and training organizations with a more innovative, realistic and efficient way of learning for their employees using 360° and Virtual Reality.

Hiring: B2B Account Manager [EdTech / VR / SaaS].



ICM Program / AI MedTech

NetR builds a secure and distributed platform dedicated to indexing, structuring and labeling medical data for artificial intelligence.

Hiring: Software Engineer




Founders Program / B2B SaaS PropTech

Tylto is a SaaS platform designed for property managers, landlords and tenants to automate administrative management of property rentals.

Hiring: Business Developer


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