The Future of Online Dating: Think twice before you swipe right!

Happy Valentine's Day from the City of Love 🇫🇷

We’re seizing this day to talk about the latest in LoveTech and more precisely to dive into the future of online dating with three STATION F entrepreneurs:

– Daniel Cheaib, co-founder of Feels (Naver Program) – a new dating app based on creating authentic interactions

– Matteo Amerio, co-founder of Navee (Zendesk Program) – a cybersecurity solution based on image recognition technology

– Dinal Kurukulasooriya, co-founder of Cupido (Founders Program, formerly Fighters) – a AI dating app and API for dating apps

Is technology helping relationships or making people feel lonelier? What technologies are being leveraged to make online dating better and safer? Tune in to find out!

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Cindy Yang
[email protected]