Tech, Marketing, Sales, Product… STATION F’s startups are hiring, here’s some of the opportunities to join!

More than 600 jobs are currently available to join STATION F’s startups! We’ve highlighted here the opportunities to join our Future 40 companies, the most promising of the campus!

Looking to join a startup? STATION F gathers more than 1000 companies which offer 600+ jobs. We’ve listed here some of the current open positions in our Future 40 companies, our group of most promising startups from STATION F! Your dream job is maybe here!


Interstellar Lab

Interstellar Lab develops and builds closed-loop habitats and biospheres generating and recycling food, water and air to support human live sustainably. On Earth first and in the future on Mars.

Embedded/Control Systems Engineer
Front-End Developper (Simulation Software and Dashboard)
AI Engineer
Back-end Developer (Mid-level / Senior)
Senior Computational Architect/Designer



EyePick automates manual tasks such as picking, packing, and sorting using robots augmented with cognition.

Robotics Engineer
Deep Learning Engineer
Research Engineer – Applied Mathematics / Reinforcement Learning
CEO Right Arm



Axel is a virtual assistant that helps managers drive their team to success while saving their time.

Business Developer Junior



Fibrany builds a beauty box for women with kinky, curly, or frizzy hair.

Order Picker
Graphic Designer / Web Designer
Community Manager
Journalist / Brand Content



Uptale is a cloud platform to create, deliver, and analyze training experiences in 360° and VR.

Customer Success Manager / Onboarding (VR / EdTech)
Key Account Manager (B2B / VR / EdTech)



Fintecture is building the next-generation payment infrastructure.

HR & Administration Assistant
Communication & Content Officer
Communication & Content Officer


Hello My Bot is a conversational AI platform to create and manage your virtual assistants (voicebots, callbots & chatbots).

Backend Javascript Developer
Business Developer



Omni designs powerful, affordable and inclusive solutions for people with reduced mobility.

CEO Right Arm



Nalia builds a B2B SaaS to alert CSMs on upsell opportunities and risky accounts.

CTO – Full Stack Engineer
Marketing Manager



Leeway empowers legal teams to manage the whole contract lifecycle within a single intuitive and collaborative application.

Customer Success
Product Designer
Product Manager
Inbound Marketer
Growth Marketer
Product Growth
First Sales
Software Engineer – Fullstack
Software Engineer – Backend
Software Engineer – Infrastructure



Kinetix is democratising 3D animation by making it faster and more accessible for all creative minds.

Product Owner & Community Manager
CEO Right Arm
3D Animator
3D Engineer
Intern Dev Fullstack
PHD In AI – Deep Learning – Computer Vision
R&D Engineer Computer Vision



Phacil is on a mission to digitize traditional pharmacies.

Business Developer
Business Developer
Opérations Manager
Frontend Developer (React)
Fullstack Developer (Node, React)



Allphins is a risk management platform helping insurers make better decisions when insuring large risks.

Product Owner Data & AI



Chaintrust automates bookkeeping through OCR & AI.

Fullstack Developer



Tripartie is a payment and user protection solution dedicated to C2C and e-commerce.

Digital Marketing



Episto is a self-service platform using social networks and instant messaging apps to collect people’s authentic opinions.

Business Developer



UNiFAi generates incremental revenue for data-driven companies by reducing the cost of data cleaning and increasing performance.

Dev Frontend Vue/Nuxt



Turgo is a microcredit solution on a mission to end overdraft fees.

CEO Right Arm



A collaborative tool to optimize the assignment of operators in plants and to track their skills and trainings.

Futur Head Of Sales
Tech CEO Right Arm