Key Event Themes at STATION F: Take Off and Launch, Money Talks, and Future of Tech

STATION F focuses its events on five key topics to match expectations from entrepreneurs with the support of Oracle NetSuite, Nespresso and American Express for the year.

Since its opening, STATION F has always been on a mission to provide entrepreneurs all the resources they need to bring their ambitious ideas to life. Part of these resources are events and workshops that we are hosting on campus (and now also online). Starting this year, we’ve decided to focus on five key themes to make sure that we cover all the topics requested by entrepreneurs.

Our five thematics:

Take-off and launch

For all startups dealing with subjects about growth, customer acquisition, product-related marketing and communication and scalability technology solutions. The answer to many issues for entrepreneurs launching their startup may be found in these events topics. Concrete examples provided here will help them to find the best way to put their business on the right track.

Mastering tools

What CRM should I use? How should I use it? And what about ERP? How much will it cost? For which results? All these questions may find an answer in this theme about online management systems and productivity tools and solutions. We are happy to welcome Oracle NetSuite as a partner for our Mastering Tools thematic.

Money talks

Funding is a big focus, especially for early stage startups. With the Money talks supported by American Express theme we are providing tips for entrepreneurs about their fundraising strategy and an overview about the financial ecosystem (business angels, VCs…).

Foster the future!

Nobody can predict the future. But we can try to! With Foster the Future and our partner Nespresso, we’re working to identify major trends of tomorrow, focusing on deep tech, AI, society and tech issues.

Human capital

A growing startup usually goes with a growing team. How could you be sure that you are hiring the right people at the right place? Spoiler: you never know before you try. But this theme is giving keys to help entrepreneurs to reduce the risk they take when they hire a new collaborator and also how to manage their team.

Our partners this year:

Each year STATION F welcomes external partners to support entrepreneurs by organizing several events on one of these thematics. The goal is simple: let them share their knowledge with STATION F’s entrepreneurs about specific topics according to their business.

We’re happy to announce that this year, Oracle NetSuite, Nespresso and American Express are our yearly partners for the thematics Mastering Tools, Foster the Future and Money Talks. They will take part in events on those thematics and share useful informations for startups.