STATION F unveils TOP30 2020, its group featuring the most advanced startups of the campus

They collectively raised more than €60M and three of them were acquired during the year.

STATION F, the world’s largest startup campus based in Paris, today announced the second edition of its TOP30 group, featuring the most advanced startups of the campus. After the success of the first edition with companies like Colonies or Foodvisor, the 2020 edition of the group highlights companies that have met important milestones during the year whether its a raising, a huge organic growth, or an exit.


Companies from the 2020 TOP30 are part of 13 STATION F’s acceleration or incubation programs and collectively raised more than 60M€ with three of them that were acquired during the year. Most of them focussed on SaaS but since the past few months, we also see a huge increase in MedTech and BioTech, a trend matching the current concerns of our societies for the environment and our health.

Here is the full list :

Scalia – RetailTech (Veepee)
Product page compliance and generation.

Neoplants – GreenTech (Founders Program / EF)
We develop the first generation of bioengineered plants able to purify the air. 

Chance – Social Impact (Facebook Program)
Chance is the digital coaching path to choose the work that will make you happy. In 3 months. 100% online.

WeWeb – No Code (Founders Program)
WeWeb is a new generation website builder. It enables teams to collaborate to ship fast, scalable websites with ease. 

Posos – HealthTech (Microsoft)
The medical AI-powered search that allows physicians to find in seconds the trusted information they need.

Actiondesk – SaaS (Founders Program)
actiondesk is spreadsheet software that lets you import data from SQL, Hubspot, Shopify, Stripe and many more.

Joko – FinTech (Facebook)
Joko is a free app that rewards everyone, every day! You download the app, you select your favourite brands and once you buy something in these brands, Joko automatically rewards you.

R-Pur – HealthTech (HEC)
The best antipollution mask

Memorizer – Consumer App (Naver)
“A better memory. A better life.” Using AI, the Memorizer app makes it easy to capture, organize and enjoy your memories. 

Crafty – HRTech (Founders Program)
Crafty makes skills explicits and reachable within a company 

Connecting Food – FoodTech (ShakeUp Factory)
Our product is a blockchain-based transparency platform, providing real-time traceability and quality audit on food production, so that consumers can know everything about their food. 

Clind – EdTech (Founders Program)
The One Place to Share your Favorite Resources and Learn Together.

Pazzi – FoodTech (Founders Program)
Fully autonomous restaurant chain making (really) good pizza.

FairJungle – TravelTech (INSEAD)
Next-generation travel management solution, that leverages new technologies to remove the hassle related to booking and managing business travel. 

Workelo – HRTech (Facebook)
Workelo reinvents Onboarding and Offboarding experiences for EU companies 

MyJobGlasses – EdTech (HEC)
My Job Glasses is the easy way to network for all students. We connect students with our network of 48K professionals that are happy to share the passion of their job and can also offer internship, apprenticeship or first jobs opportunities. 

Ayolab – RetailTech (L’Oréal)
Ayolab: the solution for brands to optimize their online distribution strategy.

Stonly – SaaS (ZenDesk)
Stonly is the single platform for providing your customers and employees with the interactive guides they need to be successful. 

Adalong – Marketing (HEC)
People are craving for authenticity when interacting with brands. Adalong SAAS platform enables marketers to provide it at scale by automatizing the curation and diffusion of visual community content. 

Cypheme – AI (Microsoft / Thales)
Cypheme is an Artificial Intelligence capable of detecting counterfeit products using a smartphone camera. 

UpStride – AI (EF)
Our Computer Vision software enables the training and deployment of Neural Networks with 10X less data and 3X less power, without any trade-off on performance. 

Gatling – Developer Tools (Founders Program)
Gatling is a load testing solution. Gatling prevents applications and websites from crashing and becoming victims of their own success in critical situations (when everyone is connecting at the same moment), like go-lives or Black Fridays.

Ad Scientiam – HealthTech (ICM)
Medical device as an app for patient monitoring and research.

Data Soluce – SaaS (HEC)
Data Soluce is a Saas platform which massively reduces delays, costs and risks on building management through predictive analysis for insurance and real estate stakeholders. 

Epigene Labs – BioTech (Founders Program)
An AI-enabled platform for genomic data-driven drug discovery in oncology.

ViiBE Communication – SaaS (Zendesk)
ViiBE is the web technology of video assistance and ticketing systems designed for assistance services, after-sales services, and technical support.

Dropcontact – Productivity Tools (HEC)
Dropcontact connects to your CRM to automatically verify, enrich, clean and correct all your contact data.

Kushim – SaaS (Founders Program)
Kushim unlocks the flow of information between investors and their companies. Our mission is to simplify and streamline the relationship between investors and companies by offering a single platform for both to manage, visualize, and share their data. 

ProcessOut – IT (Veepee / Facebook)
Launch payments how they should be launched.

Monk.AI – AI (BNP – Plug & Play)
Monk is AI-based solution that evaluates any item’s condition based on its visual aspect, with a first focus on automotive & insurance sector.


Press contact

Grégoire Martinez, Head of Communications
[email protected]