STATION F unveils Future 40 2020, highlighting its most promising companies

The Future 40 are the 40 most promising companies of STATION F.

STATION F unveiled today the 2020 edition of Future 40, the 40 most promising companies on campus, during a full online demo day. The companies featured in the group have all been hand-picked among the 1.000 companies of STATION F, based on their growth, traction, first achievements and projects for the next months to ensure they are truly the rising stars. 


“The Future 40 companies of this year are proof that startups are not only building gadgets, but that they are working to make our daily lives easier, whether it’s with productivity tools, green tech solutions, or projects to make the world more accessible”, said Marwan Elfitesse, Head of Startup Programs. “They are all young companies having raised less than €1M and you should keep an eye out for their progress in the coming months”.

This year, the Future 40 is composed of startups from 17 startup programs at STATION F including HEC, Founders Program, EDHEC, ICM, Les Ponts, Entrepreneur First, and more. 20% of the companies featured are founded by international entrepreneurs and 35% are female-founded. On average, they currently count 7 people in their teams and plan to grow to 12 people at the beginning of 2021.


The Future 40 companies have all benefited from a dedicated pitch training program and introductions with investors to ensure they can make the most of Future 40. Throughout the year, STATION F accompanies Future 40 companies to ensure they can bring their ambitious ideas to life in the best conditions possible.

Last year, companies like Stonly (redefining help content with interactive step-by-step) that raised 3.5M$, QantEv (optimizing provider networks for health insurers) that raised 1.5M€, or CryptoNext (providing quantum-safe cryptographic technologies for companies to protect their data) were part of the Future 40.

Discover the full list of Future 40 2020 companies:

Interstellar Lab: Interstellar Lab develops and builds closed-loop habitats and biospheres generating and recycling food, water and air to support human live sustainably. On Earth first and in the future on Mars.

Bricks.AI: helps Sales, Marketing, and Data teams hyper-personalize their assets including RFPs, contracts, and business proposals.

SalesTim: SalesTim is the collaborative business process management app for Microsoft Teams.

EyePick: EyePick automates manual tasks such as picking, packing, and sorting using robots augmented with cognition.

Switchy: is a plug & play SaaS that helps brands to engage their community through the links they share across the web, by switching links into marketing action levers. 

Papondu: Le Papondu develops 100% vegan eggs.

My Digital Buildings: My Digital Buildings simplifies the exploitation of buildings’ digital twins with a cloud platform that enables all stakeholders to easily access and collaborate around data.

Axel: Axel is a virtual assistant that helps managers drive their team to success while saving their time.

Fibrany: Fibrany builds a beauty box for women with kinky, curly, or frizzy hair

Uptale: Uptale is a cloud platform to create, deliver, and analyze training experiences in 360° and VR.

Fintecture: Fintecture is building the next-generation payment infrastructure. makes zero-waste personal care for a better you and a better planet

Hello My Bot: is a conversational AI platform to create and manage your virtual assistants (voicebots, callbots & chatbots).

Sonar: Sonar is a sales intelligence platform for B2B sales teams, monitoring millions of companies daily for signals of sales opportunity.

OMNI: Omni designs powerful, affordable and inclusive solutions for people with reduced mobility.

Mailwarm: Mailwarm prevents marketing emails from landing in spam.

Delpha: Delpha is an AI-powered, B2B SaaS solution that augments users to improve data quality and business efficiency in Salesforce, helping them save up to 100x costs.

Heraw: Heraw is an all-in-one collaborative solution for creative content creation.

Chez Vos Producteurs: Chez Vos Producteurs is a marketplace that connects local producers and farmers directly with consumers.

Outmind: Outmind is an internal search engine that uses state-of-the-art AI and text indexing technologies to boost teams productivity and better capitalize on existing knowledge.

FACIL’iti: FACIL’iti provides an improved and customized internet browsing experience for older adults and people with disabilities — such as low vision, Parkinson’s and dyslexia.

Nalia: Nalia builds a B2B SaaS to alert CSMs on upsell opportunities and risky accounts.

Leeway: Leeway empowers legal teams to manage the whole contract lifecycle within a single intuitive and collaborative application.

Loomi: Loomi makes plant-based food easy and delicious.

Healthy Mind: Healthy Mind provides healthcare professionals with an evidence-based medical device aimed to alleviate pain and anxiety of hospitalized patients.

Kinetix: Kinetix is democratising 3D animation by making it faster and more accessible for all creative minds.

Phacil: Phacil is on a mission to digitize traditional pharmacies.

Orion Semantics: Orion Semantics offers a cookieless targeting solution for digital advertising. is an AI-driven productivity tool for salespeople.

Allphins: Allphins is a risk management platform helping insurers make better decisions when insuring large risks.

Juste.: Juste. makes 100% personalized hair care formula, produced with minimal environmental impact.

Chaintrust: Chaintrust automates bookkeeping through OCR & AI.

Tripartie: Tripartie is a payment and user protection solution dedicated to C2C and e-commerce.

EPISTO: Episto is a self-service platform using social networks and instant messaging apps to collect people’s authentic opinions.

DeltaBlock: Deltablock helps mid-size exchange-listed companies gain visibility in the stock market.

Pronoo: Pronoo uses artificial intelligence to transform sports betting into an alternative investment.

UNiFAi: UNiFAi generates incremental revenue for data-driven companies by reducing the cost of data cleaning and increasing performance.

Turgo: Turgo is a microcredit solution on a mission to end overdraft fees.

Mercateam: A collaborative tool to optimize the assignment of operators in plants and to track their skills and trainings.

Plantik Bioscience: Building next-generation plant breeding technologies to create better plants much faster.

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