STATION F Tools for Remote Collaboration

With the outbreak of coronavirus, companies around the world are urging their employees to work from home.

As remote work becomes the new reality for many (at least in a foreseeable future), individuals and companies are quickly adapting their ways of working for more effective remote collaboration. To contribute to this conversation, we have drafted a list of STATION F tools/services that can help people work better during lockdown.

There are no Slacks, Zooms, or Google Hangouts in this list – we assume that you are already familiar with these services 😉 This list only features Made in STATION F startups looking to break new ground, enjoy!

This is a living list that we will keep updating. If you would like to contribute, please reach out to: [email protected]



👩‍💻 Collaboration


ViiBE Communication (Zendesk Program): Remote video assistance software. Viibe has originally been designed for technical support and after-sales services but the software has also proved to be useful for group meetings and for training new members, more so than traditional video conference apps like Skype, thanks to various functions including: projecting the mouse cursor onto the live video feed, saving and annotating screenshots live, rewatching recordings in call library (useful for knowledge management and training), and more.

SalesTim (Founders Program): Collaborative processes built for Microsoft Teams, including templates for proposal management, project management, recruitment, crisis management, healthcare, governance policies, and more.

Kraaft (HEC Program): Messaging application to help frontline workers communicate more easily and to allow real-time visibility on what is happening on the field for facilities management and health services management.

Redesk (Founders Program): Asynchronous messaging app for teams to work remotely, share knowledge and build social relations. It’s kind of the lovechild of Slack and Asana. And, it looks absolutely beautiful.


💼 Organization / Project Management 


Kushim (Graduate Program): Software for investors to track their dealflow and to manage their portfolio companies. With Kushim, investors can structure their teams strategically for remote collaboration and receive updates from their portfolio companies.

Clovis (Impulse Partners): Project management tool for Construction teams: architects and builders. Via their cloud-based application, teams are able to work on their projects, blueprints, and 3D models. All this information is centralized and can easily be shared across all teams. To help teams recover from COVID-19, users can get 3 free projects on Clovis. To activate the perk, contact: [email protected] 

Leeway (EDHEC Program): Cloud-based platform for legal departments to manage the entire contract lifecycle efficiently. Leeway allows legal experts to focus on value-add work, to reduce manual and administrative tasks, and overall helps companies better collaborate during contract negotiations.

Harvestr (Zendesk Program): All-in-one product management tool that helps companies build better products for their customers. With Harvestr, all your team can access and collaborate remotely on your product roadmap. Support and sales can escalate customer feedback, the product team can prioritize features and update teammates on releases, management can have an up to date view of the roadmap. To help teams recover from COVID-19, Harvestr will be free for 3 months. To activate the perk, contact: [email protected] 


💡 Knowledge Sharing


Skilmi (Founders Program): Platform for remote one-to-one office hours with experts and professionals. With Skilmi, corporates can develop remote on-the-job trainings and community support.

Frames (HAVAS Program): Mobile builder powered for talks. Frames allows teachers, speakers, and content creators to create video talks, courses, and talkumentaries in the format of Stories.


💸 Finance


Fygr (HEC Program): Cashflow management and forecast tool. If you’re tightening up your belts during these uncertain times, Fygr might be useful for you to keep a close eye on your cash.


🙌🏼 Sales & Support


Fructifi (Founders Program): SaaS platform that identifies leaving customers. Fructifi allows you to adapt retention actions according to the customer’s importance to your business and also to make sure no customer leaves without being noticed.

Snapcall (Zendesk Program): Call button embedded on your website or application. Using smart voice technology, Snapcall first qualifies calls and helps boost your agents performance.

Mayday (HEC Program): Customer support knowledge base that directly plugs into helpdesks (integrated to Zendesk, Intercom, Freshchat) and that provides intelligent tips and insights for agents and CSM. 

Kaizo (Zendesk Program): Gamified platform that allows companies to not only improve the operational efficiency of their remote customer support teams but also to create the digital workplace spirit necessary for teams to thrive.


❤️ HR & Culture


Clind (Founders Program): Platform for teams to share knowledge (articles, podcasts, videos) with each other. Clind acts like a safe for knowledge that teams think are meaningful to share and to preserve.

Cocoworker (Founders Program): Collaborative recognition software that increases employee engagement and boosts collaboration in the workplace. Cocoworker’s gamified platform focuses on positive feedback and leverages positive psychology to strengthen social ties and increase team well-being. (LVMH Program): Feedback platform that allows HR managers and company executives to gather and keep track of employee sentiment.


💻 Tech 


Omny (Schoolab Program): Cloud computers that allows employees to access their professional computers, linked to their companies’ infrastructure, on their personal computers while they work from home.

Wildcard (Founders Program): Solution for cloud-native app developers to automate the definition of their ci/cd pipelines.


🔐 Security


Weakspot (Thales Program): Non-intrusive, fully automated SaaS solution that monitors a company’s Internet attack surface from the hacker’s point of view. The use of technologies facilitating remote work increases IT resources exposed on the Internet which are often poorly configured and are therefore privileged targets for attackers. Weakspot helps secure these technologies and protects users from cyber attacks.

Looking for additional tools? Here are some non-STATION F recommendations: and Remote Starter Kit.


Cindy Yang
[email protected]