"STATION F: The Podcast": a new way to learn on entrepreneurship and innovation

Available bi-monthly on Friday on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Deezer and more...

If you read this post you’re probably following us on social media or on our blog, a good way to learn more on what happen at STATION F! But starting next week, you will also be able to meet us twice a month on Friday to discuss the future of innovation and how entrepreneurs are shaping the world. 

Entrepreneurs from STATION F or from the most famous tech companies, researchers, investors and many more will be with us to give you their vision on entrepreneurship and their tips to help you succeed in our all new podcast hosted by STATION F’s Director Roxann Varza! You can expect some great interviews, some updates on the ecosystem and also ressources entrepreneurs are looking for.


To avoid missing episodes, you can already follow us on your usual podcast platform including Apple Podcast, Spotify, Deezer, TuneIn, YouTube and of course, here, in our Newsroom! Feel also free to give us your feedback and to suggest topics or questions you want us to cover on social media using #STATIONFPodcast.