STATION F startup Karamel acquires Hello Marcel, another startup on campus!

When a STATION F startup acquires another STATION F startup :)

Announcing a new startup acquisition at STATION F! We’re especially thrilled about this one because it is not the usual young, agile startup that gets acquired by an industry giant; but an acquisition of one STATION F startup by a fellow STATION F startup!

Karamel, a STATION F Future 40 startup in the Naver program, has acquired Hello Marcel from the Founders Program. Both are female-founded teams and both work in the growing children’s activities market. They are also both convinced of the importance of extracurricular activities for the development of children. 

Designed by Clémence Coursimault and Clémentine Guyon, Karamel is a mobile application that helps parents discover and book fun and fulfilling experiences for kids of all ages, with a special focus on activities for children under the age of 6.

The other startup in this party, Hello Marcel, is a conversational web app that helps parents find fun weekend activities around Paris for their children. As of December 2019, more than 35,000 parents had used the chatbot and more than 1 million messages had been exchanged. Hello Marcel’s merger with Karamel will help strengthen Karamel’s position as the go-to reference for children’s activities.

“This acquisition will help Karamel grow and develop its community, be the reference for every Parisian parents and help us expand to new markets.” Clémence Coursimault, co-founder and CEO of Karamel.

Wait, how does one startup buy another one out?

It all comes down to their business strategy. Karamel released their first beta version in February 2019, raised €500,000 in June, and officially launched in September 2019. The app has today reached 20,000 monthly active users. The girls at Karamel have been moving fast and gained impressive traction in less than a year. We cannot wait to see what’s in line for Karamel in 2020.


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