STATION F opens Flatmates, the biggest co-living place in Europe, for 600 entrepreneurs

Flatmates is the easiest and cheapest way to live near STATION F


STATION F today announced the opening of its huge co-living space Flatmates, to house up to 600 entrepreneurs from all STATION F’s startup programs just 10 minutes away from campus. Flatmates is now the easiest and cheapest way to live near STATION F. The co-living space is divided into three buildings designed by architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte. There are 100 apartments and 600 rooms starting at 399 euros per month. All STATION F residents are eligible to request a room at Flatmates from the moment they are accepted to one of the 30 different programs and can apply on HAL, STATION F’s intranet.

“Housing is the biggest pain point that our entrepreneurs face when they arrive in Paris, whether they come from abroad or from outside of Paris. Rent is expensive in the city and, unless you have a full-time work contract and a guarantor, it can be difficult to find a place. With Flatmates, we’re offering an affordable all-inclusive housing solution to all our entrepreneurs”, said Roxanne Varza, STATION F’s director.

Multiple friendly common areas and startup-powered roommate matching


More than just apartments, Flatmates offers a full experience with common spaces, including a café and grocery shop (that are open to public), a gym, a laundromat, a huge lounge (where they will be able to play music, watch films or cook with their friends), and an event space.

Flatmates offers three types of room :
– Standard room with shared bathroom (for two people) at 399€/month
– Premium room with a private bathroom at 549€/month
– Couple room with a private bathroom and a dressing for 799€/month


All apartments of 100+ m2 are designed for sharing and exchange. All residents are matched with their roommates using the technology developed by Whoomies, a startup in the STATION F’s Founders Program, that uses tags given by STATION F’s entrepreneurs to regroup people that share the same interests. Tags include “early wake-up”, “always late”, “workaholic”, “pets lover” and more.

Partnerships designed for our residents including flexible furniture

Living room furniture designed by Cutwork is modular and flexible, allowing residents to play with the setup of their apartments for various situations. Within a few minutes, residents are able to adapt the setup to welcome their friends, work, or enjoy time with their flatmates. Resistant and durable, Flatmates furniture is designed for day-to-day living, integrating a bottle opener under the tables and benches and other smart design touches.

STATION F has developed multiple partnerships to facilitate the life of Flatmates residents, including electric scooter sharing company Dott (zero activation fee for travels between STATION F and Flatmates) and food delivery Frichti (free first aperitivo for residents to enjoy with their roommates).

Everything at Flatmates works with the STATION F badge – entrepreneurs will not need a key to access their apartments. A car and a bike parking are also available on-site.

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