STATION F opens applications for Founders Program and Fighters Program next seasons

All entrepreneurs looking to join can apply on STATION F's website.

STATION F, the world’s largest startup campus, announced today that applications for the next seasons of its Founders and Fighters Programs are now open. Startups looking to join the Founders Program can apply online before October 1st and entrepreneurs who are willing to join the Fighters Program are eligible to apply before October 18.


Founders Program: Helping entrepreneurs to bring their ambitious ideas to life

With the Founders Program, the largest startup program of STATION F welcoming more than early-stage 200 startups, entrepreneurs get access to an exclusive community and benefit from peer-to-peer learning for 6 months to 2 years depending of their needs. Since the launch of the program in June 2017,  companies like Crafty – recently acquired by TalentSoft – or NeoPlants – developing the first generation of bioengineered plants able to purify the air – already benefited from the community.

Entrepreneurs applying for the Founders Program are selected by STATION F’s Selection Board – a network of 100 entrepreneurs from France and abroad – and pay 205€/desk/month. Teams that want to join the program need to be full-time on their project and to show an MVP to be eligible. They will onboard STATION F in January 2021.

Fighters Program: Making entrepreneurship accessible

The Fighters Program, an entirely free program dedicated to entrepreneurs coming from underprivileged background, will welcome new entrepreneurs for season 4 next January. They will benefit from a dedicated and personalized mentorship. They will be guided during the entire year to discover all aspects of the ecosystem and grow their projects and businesses to the next level.

In the current season, entrepreneurs like Lucas Di Franco (OneFlash) created an innovative portable battery for smartphone to let you charge your phone anywhere. Andy Cleraux, founder of Fibrany, also launched a connected monthly box for frizzy and curly hair.

By being part of STATION F, startups joining the Founders and Fighters Program will also benefit from all the resources of the world’s largest startup campus including, but not only, an on-site Investment Team to help them raise funds, more than 150+ perks, mentorship offices from Apple, Google, AWS and OVH and the support of French Tech Central with 30+ public administrations based on-site.

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