STATION F: observations and updates after 1 month of deconfinement

STATION F reopened to entrepreneurs on May 11. By Roxanne Varza, Director at STATION F.

It’s been exactly one month since France has come out of confinement – and since STATION F has reopened its doors to residents. We wanted to take a moment to share what we’ve noticed in the first month and also some changes we are making to make life easier for our residents.


Early-stage startups still going strong

We have been getting some pretty positive signals from the ecosystem that indicates to us that things may not be as bad as they seem. In a recent study we published with 120 VC funds, early-stage startups indicated that they were the least impacted by the crisis. 

In addition, as the selection for the Founders Program actually took place during confinement, we had the opportunity to observe first-hand the startups being founded during/post-crisis – and as some of our Selection Board members have pointed out, the quality of the applicants was incredibly strong. Sure, campus is quieter than usual, but that doesn’t mean our startups haven’t been working incredibly hard. We’ve had many teams adapting their businesses to cater to new needs and even had a few companies announce funding in the last few weeks, including PlayPlay, MyJobGlasses, Epigene Labs and more. 

A few changes to make resident-life easier

After one month of observing how our startups are adapting to this new situation, we’ve decided to implement 3 changes:

1) Guests allowed – but with safety measures

Up until now, only residents have been allowed on campus – meaning badge-holders. Starting Monday, June 15, we will be allowing guests back on campus. Guests must be invited by a STATION F resident and respect the campus mask policy (as well as all other health and safety rules). We will be limiting the total number of guests on campus in a day to 100 and will adapt this number as needed.

2) Change with regards to our mask policy on campus  

When we reopened, we implemented a strict mask policy, obliging residents to wear their masks at all times – yes, ALL times. We take health and safety very seriously and didn’t want to take any risks. However, our campus is huge and residents have the space to spread themselves out. Therefore, we have decided that masks will not be required for people who are alone in a meeting room or for people who are 2 people or fewer at a worktable. This should allow residents more comfort when working on campus without putting anyone at risk. We know those masks can get annoying 🙂

3) Virtual onboardings for new residents

For companies that want to onboard new members or new teams that will be joining campus in the upcoming months, we have also changed our onboarding format. Up until now, all onboardings required being physically present on campus – residents could not join STATION F otherwise. Now, future residents have the option between a physical onboarding and a virtual one. Virtual onboardings allow residents to join the STATION F community, access all resources and arrange to receive a badge at a future date.

We will continue to adapt and make changes within the upcoming weeks, especially as France moves into phase 3 of deconfinement. In the meantime, we want to thank everyone in our community and also encourage everyone to continue to share feedback with us.