STATION F Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Featuring over 30 STATION F startup gift ideas!

The holidays are right around the corner now! This year has been unusual in many ways and perhaps many of us will exceptionally not be able to gather with our loved ones because of the sanitary situation. However, it doesn’t mean that we can’t send them a little gift to let them know that we are thinking of them! (Thank you, e-commerce.)

Here at STATION F, we’ve compiled the fourth edition of our annual holiday gift guide, a list of top STATION F startup products that would make for great presents — not only would you be buying unique, non-department store, non-Amazon gifts but you would also be supporting innovative young companies. 

That’s two birds with one stone, go you!


For Urban Cyclists


R-Pur (HEC Program) develops high-tech anti-pollution masks for urban cyclists, bikers and motorcyclists alike. R-Pur masks promise to filter 99,98% of particles in the air.

Shapeheart (Founders Program) makes smartphone accessories with a detachable magnetic sleeve: smartphone mounts for bikes, motorcycles, and scooters; and belts or armbands for runners.

Teebike (Moovelab Program) is a connected, electric front wheel that can turn any bike, old or new, into an electric bike in a matter of minutes.


For Sports Junkies


Circle Sportswear (ADN_xIFM Program) is an athleisure brand built for the circular economy, made with recycled materials.

AZ/AR (ADN_xIFM Program) is a new sportswear brand for women, responsibly made with OEKO-TEX certified textiles.


For he/she who loves Fashion & Style


Verlan (ADN_xIFM Program) is a modern menswear brand inspired by mid-century design. Their lines are released in limited editions and 50% of their collections are “reverse engineered”, made from recycled or reused materials.

Fairly Made (LVMH Program) is developing a label for sustainable sourcing and manufacturing for textile products. Discover their collection with Les Petits Hauts made from organic cotton, recycled plastic fibers, and recycled wood buttons.

Ictyos (LVMH Program) transforms fish skin into beautiful marine leather, turning would-be waste into luxurious marine leather. Discover their small leather goods collection with Jean Rousseau Paris, including watch straps, iPhone cases, and cardholders.


Mood Paris (Schoolab Program) is a sexy and effortless lingerie and swimwear brand made from upcycled or recycled fabrics.

Intimately (Founders Program) is a one-stop-shop for disability inclusive lingerie.

Creative Underwear for Men (Founders Program) is a lingerie brand for men!


For Personal Care & Beauty Lovers

h (EDHEC Program, FUTURE40 2020) is a zero-waste personal care brand with a clever subscription-based refill system.

Unbottled (Founders Program) is a zero-waste, plastic-free personal care brand that makes solid cosmetics.

BeautyMix (L’Oréal Program) is a robot that enables people to make their own DIY natural cosmetics and cleaning products.

Jeste (ADN_xIFM Program) is a new natural cosmetics brand. Their first product is reinventing the most used personal care product: toothpaste. 

La Bouche Rouge (HEC Program) is a luxurious cosmetics brand with refillable and responsible products. Its products come in beautiful handcrafted leather cases, which can be refilled over the years.

Monsieur Barbier (L’Oréal Program) is a natural shaving and grooming brand for men. Men also like to feel pampered!


Fibrany (Fighters Program, FUTURE40 2020) is a beauty box for women with kinky, curly, or frizzy hair. Unlike traditional boxes that favour sample-sized products, Fibrany boxes are filled with full-sized products that have been tested and approved by their teams.

juste. (L’Oréal Program, FUTURE40 2020) makes 100% personalized hair care formula, produced with minimal environmental impact.


Art Meets Art (HEC Program) is where perfumery meets art. With fragrances named after hit songs like “Sexual Healing” and “Bohemian Rhapsody”, it’s the perfect gift for music lovers that appreciate decadent scents. 

Now, some person on your Christmas list loves perfume but scent is something very personal. It can be difficult to choose for someone else. There’s another option for you, a really good one: Sillages.

Sillages (L’Oréal Program) is a customer-obsessed haute perfumery brand that exclusively makes customized scents allowing everyone to find their signature scent through a personalization algorithm. Thanks to their online business model, they’re able to practice fair pricing: their 50ml bottle costs €85 vs. a price tag of €214 in traditional retail for a perfume of equal quality.


For Kids & Families


Bubble (Naver Program) has a repertoire of over 90,000 bandes dessinées, comic books, and mangas. If you know a fan of comics, you cannot go wrong with a simple gift card to Bubble.

Holy Owly (Founders Program) is an application to help kids between the age of 3 and 12 to learn English in 5-minute games. The application has been recommended by the Ministry of the Economy and Finance in France!

Epopia (TF1 Program) is bringing reading, writing, and screenless activities back into the lives of our kids between the age of 5 and 10. It is a subscription service (starting at €10,99/month) that invites kids to participate in an interactive adventure. Every month, they will receive a letter in the mail that is directly addressed to them and awaits their reply. From there on, kids can write back and start creating a personalized story with Epopia writers.

Reenbow (Founders Program) develops a learning app called Mirabo, which uses mixed reality to help children with learning disabilities.


For Foodies


Snooze (EDHEC Program) makes delicious organic cereals for nutritious breakfasts.

L’Intendance (Naver Program) is an online shop committed to the zero-waste lifestyle. Their curated selection of everyday essentials starts with kitchenware and toiletries and extends to food, cosmetics, and maintenance products; which are all organic, locally sourced, tested, and approved! All orders are delivered by bike or electric scooter under a clever consignment system for their plastic-free packaging.

Petit Côté (HEC Program) is a brand of vegetable cakes.

L’Ugo (Schoolab Program) is a liquor brand. Their Liquore di Melissa is an artisanal lemon balm liquor, produced in a traditional distillery in Italy.

Urban Cuisine (Founders Program) develops homemade vegetable gardens, which are optimized to grow fresh fruits and vegetables indoors.

Bouillant! (Schoolab Program) offers unique and atypical cooking experiences in the kitchens of passionate home cooks. Given the sanitary situation, these classes currently take place over video call. It’s definitely a fun experience to gift a friend!


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