STATION F 2nd year in data

More than 1.000 startups and 45% of female-founded companies


We usually say we are the world’s largest startup campus, but a lot of you are asking us : do you really have 1.000 startups? Well… yes, actually we have 1.013 at the time and we had 1.217 during the all year. Also, as we encourage more and more diversity we know have more female-founded companies. After having 40% of female-founded companies in our Founders Program during the first year, we know have 45% of female-founded companies in five different programs including the Founders Program, EDHEC, OuiCréa, L’Oréal and ADNxIFM.

Being an entrepreneur is not always easy

Entrepreneurs are not billionaires. This year, we asked them some questions on what it looks like to be an entrepreneur on a day-to-day basis. Currently, 33% do not have a salary and 19% earn less than 20K per year. It’s still a lot, but it’s less than last year. Also, 3% stop their activity. It’s a small number because most of the startups that are not in the right track are pivoting. More than 26% of our companies made a pivot during their stay at STATION F.


Asia is booming

Currently, 1/3 of our startups come from abroad and 600 people do not speak French on campus. If we take a look at which are the most represented countries on campus United States is still the first one. China is now second, instead of United Kingdom and Asia is now booming. Beside China, South Korea is in the TOP 5 most represented countries and India is also growing.

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STATION F 2nd year data