SEKOIA (Thales Program) raises 10M€ to expand its solution to anticipate cyber threats

The company currently employs 80 people and plan to hire 20 to 30 more in the coming months.

SEKOIA, created in 2008 and formerly part of STATION F’s cybersecurity run by Thales, recently announced a raising of €10 millions to speed up its development across Europe. Founded by Freddy Milesi, Sekoia has built its reputation on its expertise in responding to security incidents and its ability to assist companies under attack and has evolved in 2016 to a software publishing with the aim of meeting a need that is still little covered by European cybersecurity companies: threat intelligence.


This first round of funding of 10 million euros with Omnes and Alliance Entreprendre will now be used by the startup to develop its customer base in Europe with both public and private actors. “We are today raising funds to promote a European and collective approach to threat intelligence,” explained Freddy Milesi, CEO and co-founder of SEKOIA. “The challenges that are facing companies and all those involved in cyber security in the years to come are colossal. In order to remain in the race against cybercriminals, SEKOIA has chosen to focus on two complementary pillars to enable companies to increase the effectiveness of their protections: anticipation of threats and automation of defenses”.

The company currently employs more than 80 people and plan to hire between 20 and 30 more in the coming months. At STATION F, they have been part of the Thales Program dedicated to cybersecurity between June 2019 and July 2020.