Rethinking the Future of Plastics with DePoly and Xampla

There could be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050, according to an Ellen MacArthur Foundation report.

Plastic pollution is a huge problem — but it’s not one that is irreversible if we act quickly enough.

In this episode, we explore and address the issue of plastics with two founders that are striving to make a change: Samantha Anderson, CEO of DePoly, and Simon Hombersley, CEO of Xampla.

Both companies are looking to eliminate plastic pollution but tackling the problem from two different angles. DePoly (STATION F startup in the L’Oréal Program) has developed a cutting-edge technology to recycle PET plastic. Xampla (Cambridge University spin-out) has developed a plant-protein material that provides a natural alternative to single-use plastic.

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Simon Hombersley, CEO of Xampla, is a serial cleantech entrepreneur, previously founding energy-efficient compressor company Lontra, chairing photovoltaic technology start-up TwentyNinety.  He was also the launch CEO for Oxford Flow, which develops energy-efficient valves.

Samantha Anderson, CEO of DePoly, has a Ph.D in chemistry from EPFL – Valais and is passionate about developing sustainable chemistry businesses that help fight global issues we currently face.



01:16 — What made Samantha and Simon want to go into plastic?
05:11 — The recycling technology behind DePoly
05:46 — How plastic recycling currently works
07:30 — Xampla’s plant-protein material
09:22 — How Xampla compares to existing plant-based solutions
10:37 — Can Xampla’s material be eaten?!
10:46 — Xampla targeting consumer markets
11:56 — Samantha on where we use plastics today and how to address the plastic problem
13:15 — Simon and Samantha on what’s necessary for large-scale change to happen
16:15 — Samantha on the role of startups in the new plastic economy
17:03 — Simon on the big companies’ change of attitude towards plastic
18:30 — Simon’s background: serial cleantech entrepreneur
19:54 — Samantha’s academic background and the DePoly team
22:10 — The importance of practicality in solutions
24:25 — Other exciting companies in the new plastics

Produced by

Cindy Yang
[email protected]

Hosted by

Roxanne Varza