Meet the entrepreneurs in #FoundationTheDoc Season 3

The newest season of #FoundationTheDoc - titled "Foundation: startups, women in charge" - features an all-female cast.

Foundation, the first-ever startup documentary series, is back for a new season; and this time in an all-new, 53-minute single episode format. Directed by Kareen Perrin Debock, this season features an all-female cast and is produced by an all-female crew. This edition is an ode to women in entrepreneurship. It sheds light on the challenges and the biases that they face but it mostly focuses on the journey of the 4 female-founded startups.

Read on to find out the incredible women behind each of these companies.


Joanne Kanaan & Anna Shirinskaya, co-founders of Omini
Founders Program, formerly Entrepreneur First

Joanne and Anna are two PhDs in biochemistry and bioelectronics, co-leading a project that has the potential to impact the lives of many. They are tackling an ambitious medical field, that of blood testing, and striving to reconcile challenges in scientific research with business viability. Their company Omini develops biosensing devices for immediate blood tests using a technology that combines the accuracy of clinical chemistry and the portability and connectivity of mobile health devices.


Clémence Coursimault & Clémentine Guyon, co-founders of Karamel
Naver Program

Clémence and Clémentine (a.k.a. Les Clems) are both serial entrepreneurs that have previously founded companies in the sector of culture and entertainment. Their latest venture together, Karamel, is a mobile app to discover and book activities for kids. With an editorial and an educational approach, their mission is to be the companion of families in their children’s development.


Julia Faure, founder of Loom
Founders Program

Julia created the ethical fashion brand Loom as a statement against the fast fashion industry today. Her mission is to make clothing that is sustainable both in terms of durability and in terms of environmental impact. In other words, Julia wants to create clothing that will last in time and that will have the least impact on the planet.


Lara Khanafer, founder of
Founders Program

Lara is the founder of, a mobile application that enables salespeople to be more productive and keep track of what they’ve accomplished. Lara is also the perfect person to be building this product. Prior to starting her company, Lara was a senior sales executive with 12 years of experience and with many achievements at her name. She is an elevator pitch winner, 

Co-produced with Studio Next and supported by Allianz, PayPal and Shopify, the third season will be released on March 8, 2020 on BFM Business, RMC Story, RMC Découverte and the STATION F channel.