Meet My Mama (Founders Program Alumni) raises 2,8M€ and opens its capital to citizens

Meet My Mama, Alumni of STATION F’s Founders Program, is a catering service empowering women from any horizon, any age and any social environment to live their passion for cooking.

A fundraising like no other for a startup like no other. Meet My Mama (STATION F Alumni from the Founders Program) offers a catering service based on meals cooked by women from all over the world, of any age and any social environment. Created in 2017 by Donia Souad Amamra, Loubna Ksibi and Youssef Oudahman, the company has just announced its first fundraising of 2,8M€ to reinforce its business model and deploy its activity in several regions in France and internationally.


During the past three years, Meet My Mama has already accompanied over 200 women and worked with more than 1.000 companies including Louis Vuitton, Google and Danone for more than 2.000 events.

Meet My Mama uses a hybrid model with the catering service on one side and an association, Empower My Mama, on the other. The company will receive 1,5M€ from this fundraising coming from AUBE Management and Astanor Ventures. Another 1,3M€, coming from foundations, are going to the association Empower My Mama

Last but not least, a third part in this roundtable is still in progress. Meet My Mama is opening its capital to mamas and citizens who would like to take part in the adventure. This funding part is open on until the end of April. The three co-founders are expecting 300.000€ coming from this campaign.

“Alone we go faster, together we go further: your engagement already helped us to move mountains. Your financial investment will allow us to cross seas and borders”, said the three co-founders of Meet My Mama.

If you want to know more about Meet My Mama, you can watch the first season of Foundation, the startup documentary series! Here is the first episode: