Meet a Fighter: Bahareh Sabati of Meapic

Bahareh Sabati is one of the entrepreneurs in the Fighters Program with an exceptional Fighters spirit.

Originally from Iran, Bahareh created Meapic, a marketplace for Middle Eastern photographers to showcase and sell their work.


If we had to choose one word to describe her story… it would be “turbulent” but tied to “perseverant”. She has seen her tech co-founder let her down; her servers burn down, leading to the complete loss of her photo database (i.e. product); and she has also seen her investors drop out of their funding deal due to sanctions placed on her country. Least to say, she had lost a lot of clients.

All of these represent challenges that were imposed on her but all of these she was able to overcome. Bahareh moved to Turkey to continue building her company and expand her network before finally joining the STATION F Fighters Program last January. Meapic has grown to be the biggest platform for Middle Eastern photographers and a very agile one – if clients cannot find the photos that they’re looking for, they can submit a request and receive them under 48hrs.

Bahareh’s determination and resilience is exactly the Fighters spirit that we’re looking for in the Fighters Program.

If that’s you, apply to join us in the Fighters Program before Oct 21. We’re waiting for you on:


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