Meet a Fighter: Antoine Pineau, Founder and CEO of Chez Vos Producteurs

“During confinement, I made in two months what I used to make in a year.”

Meet Antoine Pineau, founder and CEO of Chez Vos Producteurs, a startup in STATION F’s Fighters Program.

Antoine grew up on a modest family farm in the region of Pays de La Loire, located a couple of hours away from Paris. He studied agricultural engineering and has worked on and helped set up farms in France, Ireland, Benin, and India. The tech and startup world couldn’t be further from him at the time but he was already imbued with a strong entrepreneurial spirit.


Seeing his father work really hard on their family farm yet earn modest wages, he wanted to help their family business and decided to set up an e-commerce website to provide door-to-door delivery of meat boxes from their ethical farm. With the objective of helping local producers make a living from their work, Antoine also launched Chez Vos Producteurs, a marketplace that sells fresh food from local producers and farmers.

The difference with is that Chez Vos Producteurs does not only sell meats from Antoine’s family farm but it also has an extended offer, which includes different meats, cheeses, vegetables, and more from other local producers.

It’s only the beginning for Chez Vos Producteurs but needless to say that things are going quite well with sales seeing a multi-fold increase since the beginning of COVID.



Cindy Yang
[email protected]