Meet a Fighter: Andy Cleraux, co-founder of Fibrany

Fibrany is a startup in STATION F's Fighters Program, building a beauty box for an underserved community: women with kinky, curly, or frizzy hair.

Growing up in foster care, Andy led a turbulent childhood. At school, he was good at maths so he asked his teacher what he could do when he grows up, to which his teacher responded: logistics 💡

Entrepreneurship had never even crossed his mind at the time. To him, starting a company was reserved for the rich. He completed vocational training in hospitality, logistics, and commerce; worked in the sector; and one day told his boss: “moi, mon but dans la vie c’est de vivre et non pas de survivre.” My goal in life is to live and not just to survive.


Around that time, he met Anicette (right), who had built a startup in travel but was looking to build a company that helped people, with social impact at heart. From hearing stories about people around them struggle with afro-textured hair, they decided to create a company that would tackle the issue.

Hair discrimination is real and more widespread than most of us believe. Whether it’s in the workplace or in schools, women with kinky, curly, or fizzy hair can be victims of discrimination. This can take the form of lighthearted jokes in school playgrounds or strict dress code policies in the workplace that prohibit certain natural hair types from being let down. This can lead to women being uncomfortable in their own skin, seeking straightening treatments that can cause scalp damage and hair loss, for which some need to wear wigs after.

This injustice has been the impetus for Andy and Anicette to start FIBRANY, a monthly beauty subscription box for women with kinky, curly, or frizzy hair. Haircare products for these hair types are not as widely available as products for straight hair. Their goal is to help these women embrace and enhance their natural hair types by helping them test and identify suitable hair care products.

Launched 1.5 years ago, FIBRANY now sells 1200 boxes per month. Without paid advertising, mostly organic growth through word of mouth.



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