Meet 20 STATION F Startups at Web Summit

Declared as “the best technology conference on the planet” by Forbes, the annual Web Summit is the largest tech conference in Europe. Some of the world’s most sought-after tech companies — like Stripe, Nest, Uber, Careem, and GitLab — have joined the Web Summit in their early days, when they were still looking for funding and partnerships while figuring out their next move. This upcoming week in Lisbon, meet 20 of our startups that will be exhibiting in this year’s edition.

B2B SaaS


UpStride – boosts deep learning performance in computer vision

Founders Program (formerly Entrepreneur First)

UpStride is rethinking the foundations of computing for the Deep Learning revolution. Their API for computer vision can train models with ten times less data, boost performance and reduce size of models by two.


TwicPics – responsive images made seamless

Founders Program

TwicPics builds a solution that allows teams to create responsive images simply. Their solution is a new approach to automate image processing: it enables companies to accelerate the display of their website; deliver pixel-perfect images tailored to their end-user’s device, and to simplify their entire image dealflow.


Argo – reinventing the print experience with AR

Arts et Métiers Acceleration Program

Argo develops technologies to connect print media with digital using Augmented Reality. With over 200 clients in a broad variety of sectors across 8 countries, Argo’s ambition is to be the leader in Augmented Print. – shorten, customize & track your links

Havas Program is a SaaS engagement platform that allows users to shorten, customize & track their links. The tool enables their users to capture & retarget everyone that clicks to boost their conversions. also allows to create mini-landing pages to get data and redirect users to the right place.

Clevy – creating conversational agents to automate operations

ADN_x IFM Program

Clevy uses conversational technologies to make business information more accessible. Clevy can help turn your company’s knowledge bases into conversational agents; automate processes with augmented assistants; and set up multichannel integrations for the tools you already use. All of this without you writing a single line of code.



Melloon – fintech solution for short-term liquidity

Founders Program

Melloon is an app-based beyond banking solution that enables users to get short-term liquidity against the items they own. Melloon addresses the +1.7bn unbanked people worldwide who don’t have access to traditional short-term financing means, such as credit cards. Providing them with Melloon payment card promotes financial inclusion and gives access to a whole new range of products and services.

B2C & Consumer Apps


Gilbert – providing on-demand storage

INSEAD Program

Gilbert provides on-demand physical storage services. They collect your items at your door, store them, and return them whenever you want. Each item you store is individually tracked and insured.


WishUpon – Pinterest for Shoppers

Founders Program

Wishupon builds a universal shopping wishlist. Users are able to save items from any online store in the Wishupon app and create their own wishlist. This is possible thanks to their retail-focused data scraping technology that is able to extract information from any webpage.


Book My Studio – finds a recording studio near you

Fighters Program

Book my Studio is the Airbnb for recording studios. The platform allows artists to reserve recording studios with professional equipment in their preferred location at any time.

AirWayBill – changing the way people travel, shop and ship

INSEAD Program

AirWayBill is a global peer-to-peer platform that connects travelers with shoppers. Say you’re heading to Lisbon next week and want to make some extra cash while travelling, download AirWayBill and help deliver something to someone there. Or vice-versa, you’re already in Lisbon and you’re really craving something from Paris, in which case you can have an AirWayBill user in Paris deliver what you want to you – with 100% insurance and a reduced flight carbon footprint.


twistr – helping you find the cheapest flights

INSEAD Program

twistr is the first ever peer-to-peer flight search engine. Many flight comparison platforms exist but they mainly act as airline aggregators. However, airlines can practice price discrimination based on traveler profile and online search habits. And, that is the main pain point that twistr aims to eliminate in its mission to help us find the cheapest flights.


Susu – allowing people from the African diaspora to provide healthcare back home

INSEAD Program

Susu is a digitally-enhanced, full-service healthcare solution that allows people from the African diaspora in France to provide quality care for their family members back in their home countries.


Go4Spin – peer-to-peer car rental marketplace

Founders Program

Go4Spin is a car rental marketplace connecting travelers and regular car owners. Their killer feature: they have drivers who take care of the car transfers.


Shapin’ – follow live workouts led by your favorite personal trainers

Founders Program

Shapin’ is a platform that provides online interactive fitness classes, right from your living room, performed and broadcasted live by the personal trainers you follow on social media.

Social Impact


Wildcards – blockchain to support endangered animals

Ubisoft Program

Wildcards are ethereum-based conservation tokens that help raise funds for endangered animals. Wildcards are “always for sale”, which means that card owners can trade and even make profit on their assets. A percentage fee is taken from sales transactions to go towards supporting conservation initiatives.

GobUse – collects plastic cups to create recycled plastic

Schoolab Program

GobUse makes kiosks to collect disposable plastic cups from private and public institutions. The kiosk is made from recyclable cardboard. It is manufactured, installed and picked up by handicapped workers. Recycled cups are then transformed into secondary raw material for making objects.

Factio – platform for citizen mobilization

INSEAD Program

Factio is the social network for citizen mobilization, a one-stop shop platform to defend the causes that you care about, join communities of like-minded citizens and lobby directly your representatives. Four months following their launch, Factio has already sent 3000 alerts/month to congressmen. Factio aims to reach 20 000 alerts/month.



ITsMine – protects organizations from data breach

Thales Program

ITsMine’s Beyond DLP™ (Data Loss Prevention) solution enables organizations to proactively protect themselves against internal and external threats, automatically. The product alerts and gives critical forensic information even after data exfiltration beyond company boundaries. ITsMine is easy to implement, meets regulatory requirements, is transparent to employees and IT teams and requires no endpoint agents.

Acklio – empowers IoT deployments

Thales Program

Acklio is a software provider that enables telecom operators, system integrators, and device manufacturers to connect the next 10 billion devices to the internet. Their technology ensures interoperability and interconnection between any type of networks and radio technologies. This innovation, called SCHC, is recognized as an international standard by the IETF.