Koyeb raises €1.4 million to build the next generation multi-cloud provider

Koyeb simplifies serverless application deployment and data-processing with a unified experience for containers, functions, and ready-to-use integrations.

Koyeb (Founders Program) raises €1.4 million in a pre-seed round led by ISAI with Kima Ventures, Plug and Play Ventures, Acecap, and business angels including Zachary Smith (Packet.com), Justin Ziegler (Priceminister), Alexis Lê-Quôc (Datadog), Sébasiten Lucas (Oxalide), Marc Jalabert (Microsoft), Amirhossein Malekzadeh (Logmatic.io), Eric Ouisse (Ziwo), Dominique Vidal (Index Ventures), and Fabrice Bernhard (Theodo).


Combining Two Emerging Technologies: Serverless Computing and Multi-Cloud


Launched in 2019 by three cloud industry veterans, Yann Léger, Édouard Bonlieu, and Bastien Chatelard, Koyeb is a multi-cloud service provider that enables developers to reduce time spent on operating complex infrastructures and to streamline the development of new features.


Designed for the cloud-native world with native continuous deployment and GitHub integration, Koyeb simplifies serverless application deployment and data-processing with a unified experience for containers, functions, and ready-to-use integrations. 


“Over the past years, cloud development got more and more complicated. Many agree it has become a new branch of computer science that requires highly trained and highly experienced engineers. Koyeb makes cloud development simple again. Koyeb removes the pain of managing servers, VMs, or even containers. Thanks to Koyeb, developers can focus on business logic, assembling pieces of code, and seamlessly deploying them. Koyeb deals with the infrastructure and moreover the scaling and high availability of the infrastructure.”

Justin Ziegler, CEO of SaaS Partners 

On top of leveraging serverless computing to build a strong foundation for data-processing and event-driven processing capabilities, Koyeb is also tapping into the advantages of multi-cloud.

Cloud service and API providers all have their own strengths and weaknesses depending on the different types of data-processing needs. Some are better at image recognition, others are better at emotion detection based on voice data.

By integrating dozens of data sources with ready-to-use processing APIs, Koyeb enables companies to use and to leverage the best features and the most cutting-edge technologies on the market without having to manually set up multi-cloud workflows.

For non-technical people, this feature is comparable to a Zapier for data-processing on the backend.


“Applications are now hybrid multi-cloud by default. I’m excited by Koyeb and the focus that the founding team has on making it easier, faster, and more secure for the next wave of developers to develop, deploy, and lifecycle applications across infrastructures.”

Zachary Smith, Co-Founder of Packet and Managing Director Bare Metal, Equinix 

“The last decade has seen the emergence of an incredible amount of new cloud technologies with increased fragmentation of the tech stack. Koyeb brings simplicity to developers when the Cloud environment is becoming inherently more complex.”

Alexis Lê-Quôc, Co-Founder and CTO of Datadog

This €1.4 million fundraising will enable Koyeb to recruit and establish a first-class engineering team to support companies and developers relying on Koyeb for high-performance production usage.


Cindy Yang
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