Kazidomi raises €1M to expand their healthy food e-commerce in France

Co-founded by Alain Etienne and Emna Everard, Kazidomi is a Belgian healthy food e-commerce startup in the HEC program at STATION F.


Kazidomi raises €1M to expand their team, reinforce their presence in France, and further develop their in-house Kazidomi brand of healthy foods. 

The goal of the company is to provide healthy groceries online at an affordable price. To do so, they have designed a subscription model: users can subscribe to an annual membership of €100 and can then benefit from preferred prices, which are up to 50% less than traditional supermarkets. Thanks to this model, Kazidomi is able to buy and pay for their products rather than following the traditional sales model of taking a commission on product sales.

Kazidomi offers a curated selection of products, from food to hygiene, including supplements and home care. They also develop their own range of products, under the Kazidomi brand, including sauces, pastes, oilseed purees, cosmetics, and food supplements. With this fundraising, the company will be able to expand their offering.



Cindy Yang
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