How to Keep your Kids Busy (and Learning) during the Coronavirus Lockdown

Discover 5 startups that are building kid-friendly solutions for learning and for leisure.

To all the parents reading, especially to those of you working from home, I would like to take my hat off to you.

The past two weeks have been chaotic for everyone as we neared a total lockdown but these times have certainly been more complicated if you have kids who are out of school and at home. If it’s any help, we have compiled a first list of startups to help you get home essentials like groceries, cooked meals, and medication; a second list to help you work better remotely; and finally this third list to keep your kids educated and entertained during lockdown. Keep reading to discover 5 STATION F startups that your kids will love and that you will even more. 

This is a living list that we will keep updating. If you would like to contribute, please reach out to: [email protected] 



From 0-14 years old


KidPool (INSEAD Program)

Platform that matches parents with babysitters or with other parents to provide creative, experienced care for their children. KidPool in its initial mission connects people for in-person meetings but is now launching a beta version for videoconference matching. Reach out [email protected] to get first access.

Munki (Founders Program)

Audio streaming service for kids (music, audiobooks, stories, podcasts, radios) with the largest French-speaking catalog of audiobooks and music content for children. Suitable for kids from 0 to 8 years old.


Wiloki (Founders Program)

Online learning platform that provides intelligent, adaptive, and motivating learning for K-12 students from 6 to 14 years old. Wiloki’s algorithm identifies the strengths, the weaknesses, and the motivational drivers of the student; and adapts the learning content accordingly. Following the government’s lockdown announcement, Wiloki is giving free one-month access to all its education content to keep kids learning during this period.



For 18+ Years Old


MyJobGlasses (Graduate Program)

Most activities and resources proposed in this list are useful for parents with younger children. However, some of you might have older kids who are of age and about to hit the job market, in which case we have the perfect startup for you to share with them: MyJobGlasses. 

MyJobGlasses connects professionals with students and young graduates to provide them with real insight into the work world. The platform has a database of 40,000 professionals who are available to exchange with students via call or videoconference (#StayHome), allowing students to learn about the jobs in which they’re interested and to find what suits them best. MyJobGlasses also provides special soft skills trainings for students to learn how to network and how to have successful meetings. For students, the platform is completely free to use. For professionals, MyJobGlasses is also a great resource to recruit young talent! If interested in joining, you can use the code Mentor_StationF to get free access.




For All Ages


Bubble (Naver program)

Repertoire of over 90,000 bandes dessinées, comic books, and mangas. Bubble has even built a list of free cultural content online to add to your lockdown reading list. Suitable for all ages, children and parents included.



Cindy Yang
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