How STATION F adapts its events offers and schedule in times of Covid-19

STATION F launched a full digital offer to let anyone stream events from the campus and hosted more than 100 online workshops for startups.

2020 has been a year of change and adaptation for everyone and STATION F doesn’t stand apart. To continue offering workshops and conferences to its startups and to the public, we have been adapting our events offers to let ecosystem members do and live stream their events from the campus. We also created a full programmation of online workshops for STATION F’s companies which was something new for us.

Indeed, as surprising as it may seem today, in 2019, we hosted only physical events at STATION F. We are strong believers that there’s some magic happening when you physically attend an event on campus. First you step into our historical building which is an experience in itself, but most importantly, when attending an event at STATION F, you have the opportunity to mingle with our community of tech entrepreneurs.


Creating a fully digital workshop programmation

When the first lockdown hit in March, we had to adapt our plans. Our goal was to keep providing resources and content to our startups during the lockdown. It wasn’t pretty at first, but as time went on, we improved and it made us realize that there are actually some key advantages going 100% digital.

-On the attendees part, we now have a wider reach since anyone can join online events, so now Parisians are no longer the only ones that can attend our events.

-On the speakers side, it’s kind of the same. You have the opportunity to invite exceptional people from all over the world as they just need their laptop and internet connection to tune in.

-Online events also allowed us to create content. Since each event is recorded, we now have plenty of videos available online for our entrepreneurs and for everyone via our YouTube channel.

If you had told us in January that we would be running our first online conference, we wouldn’t have believed you. Yet, in October we organized F for Future, with 20+ international speakers and 600+ attendees tuning in!

Turning our venues into TV Studios to livestream from the campus

On the other hand, to allow event organizers to still reach their 350+ attendees, we’ve teamed up with our historical technical partners to turn STATION F venues into video studios. Our partners record the event with the speakers on site or remotely, then livestream it to any platform for the attendees to watch online. This allowed our customers to maintain their event, reach the same number of participants, and create content with the video recording available afterwards.

2020 has been a challenging year, but we have learned a lot and we are now professionally equipped to host both on-campus, hybrid and virtual events. It’s been a great learning experience for our team and we are very grateful for the confidence our partners and clients have in us. We’re looking forward to improving the event experience even more and welcoming many more inspiring events!


So we organize a lot of events at STATION F but we also host many of them. Last year we hosted more than 600 events such as Paris Blockchain Week Summit, Tech Rocks Summit or France is AI Conference.

This year was a bit different. After the first lockdown we were allowed to host events again but had to reduce the number of attendees in order to respect social distancing. Most of our clients had planned to do their tech conferences with 350+ attendees in our auditorium so this presented a huge challenge for us since we could only host half the guests in order to have one seat free between each attendee.