Foodvisor raises €4 million to speed up their growth in the US

Foodvisor, formerly part of the Facebook Startup Garage, is in the TOP30 startups of STATION F.

Foodvisor (STATION F’s TOP30 startup 2019), a mobile application that provides the nutritional information of your meal and allows you to quickly and easily monitor your diet from a single picture, just raised €4M to speed up its growth in the United States. Created in 2015, formerly part of Facebook Startup Garage at STATION F and named as one our TOP30 of startups of the year, Foodvisor had recently launched its application in the United States and now has more than 2 million users, including 20% of them in the US.


Having raised with Demeter and with business angels like Roxanne Varza, STATION F director, Foodvisor is planning to double its team from 15 to 30 people to grow the current teams of the company in R&D, nutrition, product and marketing. The company is also looking at making the US its biggest market in the world. “With this fundraising, we aim to make the United States our largest market. As 70% of the Americans are overweight or obese, the US represents a big market for our company whose mission is to make nutritional coaching accessible to all”, Charles Boes, CEO of Foodvisor.

Available on iOS and Android, the application is using artificial intelligence to analyse pictures of your plate and now looks at improving the app to build the future of personalized nutrition, creating a strong and renowned international brand in the wellness sector and strengthening its position as a leader in food image recognition algorithms.

At STATION F, Foodvisor has also been part of the Apple Program and had a chance to meet with Tim Cook, Apple CEO, during a visit in France last year. The company now has its own office in central Paris.



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