Doing an IPO in Europe

This episode is supported by Euronext, the leading pan-European stock exchange.

IPOs or acquisitions? When it comes to exit strategies, going public remains less celebrated in Europe. Most startups imagine huge barriers to listing…but is doing an IPO really that complicated? What are resources exist to help entrepreneurs navigate the process?

In this episode, we learn more about the pros and cons of doing an IPO with Camille Leca, COO Listing at Euronext, and Odd Sverre Østlie, CEO at Pexip, a videoconferencing solution based in Oslo.

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01:29 — Why getting acquired is not the best exit strategy
02:36 — Why specifically an IPO: what IPOs can help you achieve, the advantages of doing an IPO: (liquidity for founders, shareholders, employees, etc.), credibility, financing, buildup
04:01 —The advantages of listing on Euronext (vs. on NASDAQ in the USA)
05:48 — Doing a dual listing in Europe and in the USA
06:30 — What is Euronext and where does it operate in Europe?
07:05 — Camille Leca’s role at Euronext
07:12 — Example of companies listed on Euronext
08:38 — When is a good time for a company to think about an IPO?
09:56 — On how Camille helps companies get listed
10:40 — On Euronext’s IPO program for startups: Techshare
12:52 — Common pitfalls or misconceptions of companies
14:08 — Camille’s advice for early-stage startups considering a future IPO
15:30 — Introduction of Odd Sverre
16:02 — What Pexip is and how it compares to Zoom
17:31 — Example of Pexip customers
18:04 — How Pexip is used in healthcare
19:15 — Pexip’s “perfect” IPO mid-pandemic
21:54 — An outrageously successful virtual roadshow
24:10 — Why Pexip chose to do an IPO
26:06 — Why Pexip did not choose to list in the US
27:29 — The advantages of listing in Europe
28:15 — OS’ advice for early-stage company listing in Europe

Produced by

Cindy Yang
[email protected]

Hosted by

Roxanne Varza