Discover Future 40, the 40 most promising startups of STATION F

True rising stars operating in all domains and from all programs of STATION F.

STATION F unveiled today during an exclusive event with investors, members of the ecosystem and medias, the first edition of Future 40: its group gathering the 40 most promising startups of STATION F. These 40 startups, hand-picked on all our companies by our startups team with assistance of all programs, had a chance to pitch during the event.


To select the startups, the team used different criteria including (but not only): their growth and MRR, their technological innovation, their expertise in the field, their team, their market size and scalability potential. They should also have raised less than €1M.

This first edition also shows the variety of STATION F’s startups. B2B SaaS is the most represented vertical in the group, followed by BioTech and MedTech startups working to revolutionize the treatment of diseases or simplify blood tests. We’re also proud that 35% of the companies in the Future 40 are co-founded by at least one women entrepreneur and that 20% of them are by team coming from abroad.

Here is the full list of startups (in alphabetic order):

50inTech: 50inTech is the place where women in tech and the tech ecosystem meet and match.

AgenT: The first blood diagnosis to detect Alzheimer’s up to 20 years before the onset of irreversible symptoms.

Avostart: The next-generation platform for legal services.


Backacia: The first B2B marketplace for reusable building materials.

BALLIN: A sports technology company specialized in data and video solutions for sports.

Beamy: Helping large organizations embrace their digital transformation with a continuous SaaS audit technology and a powerful governance platform.

Bigblue: Bigblue enables brands to build their logistics and to boost their customer’s online shopping experience.

Blazar: Matching cancer patients to their best-suited therapy.

CareGame: Reinventing access to mobile gaming by letting users access them on their browser and on all smartphones.

CryptoNext: CryptoNext Security provides quantum-safe cryptographic technologies for companies to protect their product from impending quantum threat.

DigiTall Paris: Building a universal car theft prevention solution to reduce car theft by 80%.


Dropcontact: Dropcontact connects to your CRM to automatically verify, enrich, clean and correct all your contact data.

ExtraLab: Reinventing water quality monitoring in a world of big data.

Factio: Factio empowers citizens and organizations to mobilize around causes, to act, and to make their voices heard.

Fairbrics: Creating carbon negative fabrics for the fashion industry.

Favikon: An audit tool that makes it easy for companies to identify the best influencer to collaborate with.

Folhomee: An application on Facebook Messenger that helps people buy the right home easily and faster than ever.

Harvestr: Harvestr is a data product management software solution for customer-driven teams.

Immersiv: Immersiv is reinventing the sports fan experience with Augmented Reality.

ImVitro: Combining cell culture and AI to tackle infertility.

Internest: Internest develops an autonomous landing solution on suitable for mobile platforms and complex environment.

JoinBrief: Providing companies with the best price to performance ratio to organize photo and video shoots.

Karamel: Karamel is a mobile app to discover and book fun and fulfilling experiences for kids.


Lemlist: An e-mail automation tool that allows you to send unique cold mails for more replies.

MajaMaja: Developing self-sufficient ecoliving units for off-grid land development projects.

MOOVE Technologies: Moove is the all-in-one travel & mobility platform for travelers and SMEs.

Navee: The next-generation image search protecting the web one picture at a time.


NETR: The first secure and distributed platform dedicated to indexing, structuring and labelling medical data for artificial intelligence.

Okarito: Okarito is a one-stop-shop for SMBs to book and manage all their business travel.

Omini: Omini develops portable biosensing devices for immediate blood tests at the patient bedside.

Pinpo: Pinpo automates lead qualification for medium and large-sized B2C companies.

Pressmium: Pressmium gathers all news in one place.

QantEv: QantEv optimizes provider networks for health insurers.

SOWIT: Combining remote-sensing, agronomy and AI to provide farmers with actionable decision support tools optimizing their inputs and maximizing their yields.

Stonly: Redefining help content with interactive step-by-step guides.


Tarmac Technologies: Tarmac Technologies eliminates flight delays by offering seamless flight operations.

WhiteLab: Developing advanced analytical solutions to enable gene therapy companies to reduce their development costs and get to market faster.

WishUpon: Building a universal shopping list.

Woorton: An algorithmic trading desk enabling liquidity for the next wave of digital assets.

Yelda: Yelda voice-enables your brand on Google Home, Alexa and on your website in a few simple steps.


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