Colette, Interstellar Lab, and Majamaja on the Future of Living

Learn about new housing solutions and experiences and new living communities with Colette, Interstellar Lab, and Majamaja.

Being in confinement has been a grueling experience for everyone during the past few months. For the more privileged amongst us, it has been an opportunity to reflect on our lives and perhaps even to reset them. Many of us have adopted new habits and new lifestyles and have re-evaluated the way that we want to live: closer to nature, in fuller autonomy, in a closer-knit community, or more.

In this podcast episode, we talk to three startups (two from STATION F) who are at the forefront of reimagining what the future of living will look like. Each of these companies is building a new housing solution or experience that is bound to make a dent in culture.


In the first segment [1:15-8:20], we explore intergenerational living with Justine Renaudet, Co-Founder of Colette; which is a new startup in the coliving space that matches students and seniors.

In the second segment [8:35-31:30], we discover new housing solutions and experiences with Barbara Belvisi of Interstellar Lab (Founders Program) and Tuomas Autio of Majamaja (HEC Program). We’ll get a chance to learn more about building self-sufficient habitats just about everywhere – starting with off-grid areas on Earth, all the way to Mars.

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Produced by

Cindy Yang
[email protected]

Moderated by

Roxanne Varza