CareGame, the cloud solution to play any game on any smartphone

To enjoy new mobile games, even on an old smartphone!

Have you ever tried to play a new mobile game on an old smartphone? If yes, you probably had a bad experience with lags and bugs. So should you buy a new smartphone each year to be able to play the games you want? Not necessarily… CareGame, a startup from the Ubisoft program at STATION F, has found a solution to let you play the game you want on any smartphone by using the cloud that will be released in beta in September. We interviewed Michel Mimran and Benjamin Athuil to learn more on what they are doing and how their solution works.


Can you explain what CareGame is?

CareGame is the first cloud mobile gaming service offering to the gamer a one click access to mobile games. Thanks to CareGame, you can play to any mobile game, in one click, on any device, even old phones, with no subscription and not a single download. Everything started from a simple figure: 70% of players can’t access to the most populars and recent games because of the obsolescence of their mobile phones. We want to provide a solution for both players and publishers.

So I’ll be able to play a new game with my very old phone?

Exactly. That’s one of the biggest benefits of cloud services: the game is not “physically” installed on the phone but in the cloud, the gamer plays with the stream. That’s one of the revolutions that cloud brings: getting rid of most of the hardware constraints for the end-user.

Does it work with all mobile games?

Yes, we can run any mobile game that is available to download on the stores today. Of course we’ll have additional work for games that have an extensive use of the smartphone functionalities (gyroscope, camera, …) but this is not a technical limitation for us. With CareGame you can play instantly, with one click, to any mobile game on any mobile phone.


What’s the difference with Stadia from Google?

The first main difference lays on the type of games, and thus the device: we are 100% dedicated to mobile gaming, Stadia is naturally dedicated to PC and console games. You can benefit of the whole Stadia promise on your PC, and if ever you want to use your smartphone as a screen, you’ll still require a gaming controller to play. We are only providing our service on mobiles, specifically and exclusively for mobile games – for which our technology is tailored. Also, unlike Stadia, we are running a subscription-free service

How much does it cost?

Our solution costs nothing to the player to access to the game: he does not need to register or pay a monthly subscription. And just like they are already used to, mobile gamers will be able to buy in-app purchases mainly to access features or content in the game – if they decide to!

So how do you earn money with project ?

We want to blend into the habits of our partners. That’s why we’ll take a cut on the purchase made by the players in the game, meaning that our solution won’t cost any additional cent to the mobile game (again: we’re subscription-free), as well as it won’t cost anything to publishers upfront. We believe in the revenue sharing business model as a healthy way to split the gain, depending directly on the performance of our solution. That being said, we are still finetuning our business model as our discussions get deeper with publishers, and we’ll be thinking about extended monetization opportunities.

Do you plan to extend your offer in the coming months?

We are currently building our offer with publishers, in order to be ready for a beta version this fall, and a public launch next spring. We’ll start with only selected publishers having their games accessible in one click. And of course, one of our focus following this will be to continue partnering with the best publishers out there to give access to an increasing number of awesome mobile games, instantly with no download. Interested Gamers can already subscribe on to be among the firsts to try it!

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