Building Something with Paul Floury: Extralab

Extralab is building a solution for one of the biggest environmental challenges: water scarcity.

There is nothing more essential to life on Earth than access to clean water. Yet, we are facing a global water crisis caused by pollution and climate change. The main issue with water is however not quantity but quality, which is why monitoring and controlling water quality is a challenge that we need to take on urgently. And, that is exactly what Extralab, a startup in the Founders Program, is trying to do.

Co-founded by Paul Floury, a PhD researcher in Geochemistry, Extralab started as a research project part of a CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research) program. The company today develops and deploys field laboratories that are able to monitor water quality in real-time, cutting out the time between sampling and analysis and allowing them to closely monitor and predict the evolution of water quality over time.

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Cindy Yang
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