Building Something with Alexandra Boussommier-Calleja: ImVitro

Combining AI and cell culture to tackle infertility.

Know a couple that has encountered infertility problems? The answer will most likely be yes and that’s normal – about 1 in 7 couples struggle with child conception. Under these circumstances, couples will commonly turn to solutions like IVF for help. However, IVF also comes with another set of challenges including the risk of multiple pregnancies, stress, and so on.

Alexandra Boussommier-Calleja, a biomedical engineer and former post-doctoral researcher at MIT, joined Entrepreneur First at STATION F to build a solution that would tackle this issue: ImVitro. By combining machine learning and cell culture expertise, Alexandra and her team are looking to improve the way that IVF works in order to increase the chances of every couple to have a child.


Cindy Yang
[email protected]