Axel (Future 40, 2020) raises 1M€ to develop its HR virtual assistant for managers

Launched in June 2018, Axel is a virtual assistant that helps managers drive their team. The company is part of Future 40, the 40 most promising startups of STATION F in 2020.

Making managers even better managers, that’s why Karim Ghanes, Antoine Chopin and Arnaud Weiss created Axel. The HR Tech startup works as a virtual assistant that helps managers to improve their management practices. The solution focuses on onboarding new collaborators and remote team management, which has been booming with the current Covid-19 situation. Part of STATION F’s Founders Program, Axel was selected for Future 40 2020, our annual demo day to highlight the 40 most promising early stage startups of the campus. 


Created in June 2018 the company already convinced 15 customers such as Air Liquide, Renault, Engie and Veolia to use its service. Strengthened by these successes, Axel just closed a 1M€ first round fundraising with Bacs Innov, Techstars and business angels including Olivier Verdin to accelerate their development and hire sales. This fundraising is part of Axel’s strategy to become a European, then worldwide, leader of HR 2.0 applications.

“If you are a manager or HR and you want to make work a better place, go to and book a demo”, encourages Arnaud Weiss, CEO of Axel.