AstraZeneca launches an accelerator program at STATION F to speed up the vaccine supply process

AstraZeneca is the newest addition to the 30+ startup programs at STATION F.

AstraZeneca France is launching a new startup program, Inno’Vaccins, at STATION F for startups dedicated to creating innovative solutions that speed up the vaccine deployment process without compromising safety.

The objective is to ensure that, once a promising vaccine is developed, its deployment and distribution to health professionals and to the general public is not stalled by infrastructure and logistics. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the urgent need is to gear up now to speed up vaccine deployment for future pandemics.


The program will support startups producing tools that facilitate vaccine access and distribution for health professionals as well as public and pharmaceutical actors. 

“Coalition Innovations Santé against COVID has demonstrated the efficacy of uniting public actors in health, private actors, industrials, health professionals, associations of patients, and startups, around the same table. With its success, we are launching Inno’Vaccins, a call for ambitious startups that are action-oriented and dedicated to deploying solutions to serve citizens,” says Olivier Nataf, President of AstraZeneca France.

As the first pharmaceutical company to join STATION F, AstraZeneca has the ambition to accelerate innovative digital and logistics solutions that will facilitate the access to and the distribution of vaccines that will be approved and available in France.

“We are delighted to welcome AstraZeneca, one of the world leaders in its field, at STATION F to work on a field that has never been more relevant and to have them benefit from our ecosystem,” states Roxanne Varza, Director of STATION F.

Thanks to the feedback received from the deployment of the H1N1 and current seasonal flu vaccines, AstraZeneca is able to better respond to the main obstacles in vaccine deployment. The company is conducting a national survey in collaboration with IPSOS, a global leader in market research, to monitor the needs of citizens and health professionals in all territories.

As part of the program, DPD Group, one of the largest parcel delivery services in Europe, is offering their expertise in logistics and distribution to help deploy the selected solutions.


Program Timeline


AstraZeneca has established a three-step structure for its program with the objective to deploy ready solutions starting from the first quarter of 2021:

– Starting now: the program is launching a large-scale research in partnership with IPSOS to better understand and to analyze the infrastructure obstacles related to vaccination, surveying the general public and health professionals implicated in the process.

– From December 2nd to January 2021: the program will be launching a call for startup applications across three categories: demand management, logistics (storage, transportation, and distribution), vaccine tracking.

– From January 2021 onwards: the program will welcome startups at STATION F for a hands-on acceleration phase. 70 students from the Masters in Biopharmaceutical Management at the ESCP Business School will provide their support according to the needs of each startup, along with the teams at AstraZeneca’s Innovation Hub and its partners.

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