Applications of Blockchain Technology Beyond Cryptocurrencies

When most people think of blockchain, the first thing that comes to mind is very likely to be "Bitcoin". However, many applications of blockchain technology exist beyond cryptocurrencies. 

Blockchain has been one of the most talked-about new technologies in the last decade. Since it was first introduced in 2008, we have seen a huge hype around the technology with high expectations for its disruptive potential to contribute to a more “democratic internet”. Over the years, we’ve seen interest wane as some experiments have failed to pick up. However, as the technology becomes more widely understood, the ways in which it can benefit individuals and companies start to crystallize.

Many people naturally associate blockchain to cryptocurrency but many interesting use cases of the technology exist beyond crypto and that’s what we set out to explore in this week’s podcast episode with:

– Jagoda Hebda, founder of Venezvit (Chain Accelerator), a startup using blockchain to reduce medication fraud in humanitarian aid efforts;

– Harry Halpin, co-founder of Nym Technologies (Founders Program), a startup that is building decentralized privacy infrastructure to end surveillance;

– and Michael Amar, co-founder of Chain Accelerator, the startup program for blockchain at STATION F, and also the organizer of Paris Blockchain Week, one of the major European conferences on the subject.

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Cindy Yang
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