Another STATION F exit: Scalia gets acquired by Veepee!

Scalia, a RetailTech startup in the Veepee Impulse program at STATION F, gets acquired by the mother company.

Founded by Lancelot Salavert and Matthias Richard, Scalia enables seamless product data exchange between suppliers and retailers. Their tool is a user-friendly solution for retailers to standardize product data collected from different suppliers.

In the case of Veepee, the challenge is to develop a unique tool enabling all Veepee partners across 12 European countries to homogenize their processes for product data sharing. Veepee receives hundreds of product catalogs from different suppliers every day. Each of these files have their own format without any standardized structures, which makes it difficult to analyze and to uncover actionable insights. What Scalia does in this case is standardize all these files into a common “Veepee language”, rendering the product data flexible and intelligible.

“We are very proud to see Scalia make the most out of the acceleration program. We have at heart to build lasting relationships with startups, in our long-term vision of the company where we place innovation and tech at the heart of our growth strategy,” explains Jacques-Antoine Granjon, Founder and CEO of Veepee.


It’s not the first time that Veepee acquires a startup from the Veepee Impulse program at STATION F, is it?

Scalia is the second startup that Veepee acquires from their Impulse program at STATION F. Last year, Veepee made their first acquisition with daco, a retail analytics company that leverages the latest technologies in AI and image recognition to provide competitive benchmarking. The Veepee Impulse program at STATION F aims to accompany startups that are reinventing the services and solutions for online shopping and retail. Since joining STATION F in January 2017, they have accelerated 17 startups across different expertise: sizing, logistics solutions, payment, marketplace, data, and AI.


The takeaway?

If you want your RetailTech startup to get acquired, consider joining the Veepee Impulse program at STATION F 😉