Angel Investing, VC, and Scout Programs: How to teach investing?

Featuring Included VC, Chapter One VC, and Angel Investing School

With the development of investment vehicles and financial instruments like syndicates and rolling funds, investing has become more accessible in recent years to a wider non-VC and non-finance audience, especially in early-stage. This leads us to two questions. First, is investment something that can be taught? Second, how is it actually taught?

In this week’s episode, we dive into the topic with three ecosystem friends that run angel investing, VC, and scout programs:

 Nikita Thakrar, Co-Founder and Director of Included VC, a one-year VC fellowship program for individuals from diverse communities;

 Andy Ayim, Creator of Angel Investing School, a London-based training school for people who want to learn how to get started with investing in startups;

– Jeff Morris Jr., formerly VP Product at Tinder and now Founder and Managing Partner at Chapter One VC, launching a VC scout program.


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Produced by

Cindy Yang
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Hosted by

Roxanne Varza