"Saying no in Product is the most important thing": Interview with Alexis Fogel, co-founder of Stonly and Dashlane

Alexis Fogel, co-founder & former CPO of Dashlane, is now building his new company Stonly at STATION F in the Zendesk Program.

1 out of 4 resident entrepreneurs at STATION F is a serial entrepreneur, meaning that they have founded at least one other company before. Amongst those serial entrepreneurs, we have Alexis Fogel, co-founder and former CPO of Dashlane, who is now building Stonly at STATION F in the Zendesk Program.

A few weeks ago, when the STATION F campus was still open, we sat down with Alexis to discuss the lessons that he learned from building Dashlane and how he applies them to building Stonly today. We also talk a lot about Product Design… We are speaking to a guy who excels in building beautiful product after all!

In more recent news, Stonly has joined forces with the French government to help companies navigate these uncertain times by launching a one-stop platform that (1) centralizes all actionable info for entrepreneurs in need of emergency relief and (2) is updated daily by different government administrations. Thanks to Stonly, entrepreneurs in France are able to find relevant aid in a much easier and more efficient way.

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