A New Generation of VC Funds: 2050 & New Wave

A new billion-dollar fund crafting a fertile future. A new-generation VC backed by 15 top entrepreneurs to support the new wave of founders.

The VC ecosystem is blossoming in France and we interview three investors at the heart of the movement: Marie Ekeland (2050), Pia d’Iribarne (New Wave), and Jean de la Rochebrochard (New Wave and Kima Ventures). If you are familiar with the tech ecosystem in Europe, then you are certainly no stranger to these three names.

Marie, a pioneer in the French tech ecosystem, started her career in VC as a partner at Elaia and founded the VC fund Daphni as well as one of the biggest tech communities France Digitale. Her new fund 2050 is also breaking new ground with its new investment model that prioritizes sustainability and future well-being.

Pia and Jean, highly experienced investors respectively from Accel/Stride and Kima, have rounded up 15 high-level LPs — including Xavier Niel, Yuri Milner of DST, Peter Fenton from Benchmark, Philippe Laffont from Coatue, and Tony Fadell of Nest and Apple — to launch New Wave, an early-stage fund to back the increasingly ambitious founders in today’s European tech landscape.

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Produced by

Cindy Yang
[email protected]

Hosted by

Roxanne Varza