5 STATION F Startup Solutions To Help With Deconfinement

STATION F startups set up for change post-lockdown.

Lockdown measures in France have started to ease up earlier this week as the country slowly starts the deconfinement strategy. Shops are reopening with strict social distancing measures. Restaurants, cinemas, and other large gatherings are still anticipating their return. During idle lockdown time, some STATION F startups have been working behind the scenes to provide logistical support for deconfinement, whether it’s helping retail brands welcome their customers back in store in reduced traffic or helping restaurants operate without contact.


Foodetective: To support still-closed restaurants

Founders Program

Restaurants are not yet able to reopen but we can still support those who are providing takeout. Foodetective is, in the first place, an all-in-one operating system for Food & Beverage businesses (bars, restaurants, caterers). It’s a tool that restauranteurs use to manage all client interactions on a day-to-day basis. However, in response to lockdown, Foodetective has launched a takeout and delivery consumer platform where people can order from their favorite local restaurants.


EatsEazy: To (soon) eat at restaurants

Founders Program

Once restaurants reopen, EatsEazy will be the optimal solution for helping limit contact. On their platform, people can reserve a table at a partner restaurant, pre-order their meal through an online menu, and leave the restaurant without waiting for card/cash payment. Customers are automatically charged to the payment method linked on their EatsEazy account. The platform allows restaurants to optimize their operations and reinforce social distancing measures once they open for business.



Wilov: To pay for car insurance only when you drive

STATION F TOP30, Naver Program (formerly Facebook & Founders)

wilov is the first pay-when-you-drive car insurance. It is also the #1 rated insurance app on both Google and Apple app stores. As more companies encourage their employees to work remotely, fewer people will commute. In other words, daily car commute is bound to reduce drastically, making wilov’s pay-when-you-drive insurance model more relevant than ever.


Phacil: To get masks delivered

Founders Program

Phacil is a pharmacy product delivery service in France, which can deliver orders within two hours in the Greater Paris region. The company has recently also launched a B2B bulk-delivery service for masks.


La Mode D’Après: To shop in stores

HEC Program

There are two types of people in the world: those who prefer to shop online and those who prefer to go in stores. In the case of fashion, most people still fall in the latter category, which is why the two data engineers Thibault Geoffray and David Baussart have decided to launch La Mode D’Après, a shopping platform that allows people to browse fashion boutiques online and reserve items for trial in stores nearby. Shoppers can search for items by brand or by keywords, like “printed pants” or “flower prints”, and the platform will show relevant results in their vicinity.

La Mode D’Après aims to help people turn towards more responsible consumption in a post-COVID world by encouraging:

– individual responsibility: limiting one’s movements

– civic responsibility: fostering the local economy

– carbon responsibility: reducing e-commerce deliveries

– ecological responsibility: buying eco-designed items (which are given more visibility on the platform).


Cindy Yang
[email protected]