5 Startup Products to Make Your Summer Better

Whether you're on vacation or just in a vacation state of mind.

It’s the sunniest season of the year and many of us are bound to be spending more time outdoors. It’s hence also the season during which some startup products, especially those related to travel, can be better enjoyed than others. Discover 5 STATION F startup products to enjoy this summer whether you’re on vacation or just in a vacation state of mind!

Sunnycare – to protect yourself against the sun

Schoolab program

Sunnycare makes a sunscreen that is 98% natural and made from plant-based ingredients that are grown to organic standards. It’s refreshing to see more natural skincare brands on the market but what really distinguishes Sunnycare from the rest is their distribution strategy. Their sunscreen called SunnyBall is in fact packaged in balls made from plant-based biodegradable materials and distributed in solar protection stations. These are interactive terminal points placed on beaches, music festivals and other outdoor areas.


Geovelo – for cycling enthusiasts

Moove Lab Program

Geovelo is a cyclist’s dream. Their website and app allows users to find cycling itineraries, both short-distance breezy bike rides and long-distance cycle touring.


For people in Paris, download their app and discover their exquisite craft beer tour.


Boarding Glasses – for roadtrips

Arts et Métiers Acceleration Program

Boarding Glasses is a pair of travel glasses that is able to mitigate motion sickness within minutes, whether it’s at sea, on the road, in the air or even by train. Their solution has been tested and their technology patented, allowing passengers affected by motion sickness to fully enjoy their trips!


Munki – for trips… with kids

Founders Program

Munki is the Spotify for kids. Their audio streaming service contains thousands of songs and stories from the best publishers and record companies. It is the perfect travel companion for families with children.


Mapstr – to plan your must-visits

Havas Program

Mapstr lets you build a map with your favorite places: save the places you want to visit, sort them by tags, and plan your getaways. You draw inspiration from your friends’ recommendations by following their maps or browse the city guides that were created by travel guides like (Petit Futé, The Good Life, Guide Tao), lifestyle media (Konbini, Les inrocks, Vogue) or influencers (Natacha Birds, Megan Vlt, Gregsway).


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